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3 Innovative Material Handling Solutions from Rubbermaid Commercial Products

3 Innovative Material Handling Solutions from Rubbermaid Commercial Products

Did you know that cleaning and maintenance professionals are some of the most susceptible to strain and injury due to the physical nature of their roles? It’s true.

Every year, there are approximately 2.3 million work-related accidents across the globe.

Workers that spend a significant portion of their day on pushing and pulling tasks can put a tremendous strain on their bodies, leading to musculoskeletal disorders like tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and arthritis.

In fact, spending more than 50% of the day on pushing and pulling tasks increases injury risk by approximately 5 times.

So, what can employers do to protect their cleaning and maintenance professionals? Keep reading to find out.

If business owners want to mitigate the risk of injury to their employees, they must prioritizee employee well-being and adopt innovative solutions that’ll alleviate the physical strain while increasing productivity.

It may seem like a costly venture for business owners to adopt innovative solutions for a problem that isn’t immediately visible. However physical strain is often left unaddressed until it leads to a workplace injury.

What business owners don’t see are all the hidden costs associated with physical strain.

Physical strain and workplace injuries can result in hidden costs that extend beyond immediate expenses.
Employers can address these hidden costs by addressing physical strain proactively, prioritizing employee well-being, and cultivating a safe work environment.

Otherwise, they’ll find themselves straddled by:

● Additional Occupational Injuries

● More Workers’ Compensation Claims

● Increased Absenteeism Rates

Occupational injuries can result in significant costs for both the employer and the employee that go beyond the initial injury.

Employers may face reduced productivity, increased healthcare costs, and potential penalties from regulatory bodies if workplace safety standards are not met.

In addition, injuries can lead to decreased morale among employees, as they may feel unsafe or undervalued in their work environment.

This can contribute to increased employee turnover, which will further impact the company’s bottom line through recruitment and training expenses.

When employees suffer from work-related injuries, it both affects their well-being and imposes a financial burden on the business.

Workers injured on the job may require medical treatment, rehabilitation, and time off from work.

Workers’ compensation insurance may cover some of these costs, but employers may also face legal fees and other expenses associated with defending against claims.

Moreover, employers are also required to pay for workers’ compensation insurance, so a higher number of injuries not only means higher premiums but additional financial strain on the business as well.

Injuries can lead to lost productivity and missed workdays, which can result in increased costs from overtime pay and the use of temporary workers to fill the gap.

When employees are absent due to work-related injuries, it disrupts the workflow, affects project deadlines, and can put additional stress on other team members who need to compensate for their absence. This doesn’t just impact productivity, it also increases the costs associated with training temporary workers or paying overtime wages to cover the workload.

Understanding these hidden costs can further employers’ knowledge of just how important worker safety is to the continuation of their business and what steps they can take to build a safer workplace. 

These innovative material handling solutions utilize motorized technology to assist workers in safely moving heavy loads with less effort.

This retrofit kit allows users to take advantage of cordless motorized power Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP) Housekeeping Carts by adding motorized power to new or existing RCP Housekeeping Carts.

The Motorized Kit for Housekeeping Carts is an ideal choice for users who want reduced strain while moving heavy housekeeping loads.

The motorized drive wheels reduce the effort required to move up to 350 lbs., helping users to move heavy loads quickly. A centralized control system features variable speeds from 0-2 mph with forward and reverse settings.

The rechargeable battery can run for two hours continuously but has no problem making it through a full eight-hour shift when not in continuous use. The battery pack also makes it easy to swap out dead batteries for charged ones, reducing unnecessary equipment downtime.

The 30 x 60 Platform Truck Motorized Kit and 24 x 48 Platform Truck Motorized Kit are great choices for users who want to add the benefit of motorized power to their new or existing RCP Platform Trucks.

Two motorized 10″ drive wheels effectively reduce physical strain while pushing or moving heavy trucks, up to 1,000 lbs., and moving long distances. The centralized control system features variable speeds from 0-3 mph with forward and reverse settings, as well as a handbrake for making quick stops.

The Motorized Rotomolded Tilt Truck is a fitting choice for users who want to take advantage of the benefits of cordless motorized power to help move heavy loads weighing up to 1,000 lbs.

Battery-powered drive wheels can reduce the strain experienced by users while pushing or moving heavy trucks over long distances. Dual onboard battery compartments provide backup power without having to plug in the entire truck, minimizing costly workflow disruptions from battery switchouts.

Final Thoughts

While work-related injuries are commonplace, they don’t have to be.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products’ motorized solutions are specifically engineered to address the ergonomic challenges faced by workers across industries. By leveraging the power of motorized solutions, employees can minimize the risk of workplace injury and work more efficiently.

If you’re interested in learning more about how adopting innovative motorized solutions from RCP can improve employee ergonomics in your workplace, then consider reaching out to an Imperial Dade facility near you.

One of our janitorial equipment and maintenance specialists will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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