The KOLO™ Smart Restroom Monitoring System

Help maximize efficiency. Help minimize germ spread.

Premier IoT-enabled solution for data-driven cleaning and maintenance that helps facilities improve hygiene, patron satisfaction and custodial efficiency. The KOLO™ System helps ensure dispensers are stocked and fixtures are functional. The result: improved hygiene and reduced cross-contamination risk, which helps protect patrons and custodial staff.

Help Reduce Outages, Complaints and Waste

Your custodians can now be extremely efficient in everything they do, thanks to the KOLO™ Smart System. Advanced sensors, real-time reporting and continuous monitoring help you make your products go further.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, patrons and employees are hyperaware of facility cleanliness and maintenance. More than ever, facilities need smarter ways to efficiently provide clean, well-stocked, functioning environments. Internet of Things (IoT) advanced technology helps makes it happen. With the KOLO™ System, you no longer guess what tasks are needed, you know.