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Top Alternative to Metered Aerosol Dispensers

Top Alternative to Metered Aerosol Dispensers

Are you tired of dealing with foul odors? You may need to upgrade your odor control system(s).

Metered aerosols were introduced as a means of odor elimination almost 70 years ago. Cutting edge at the time, it seemed like metered aerosol was the answer to lingering odors. 

But, are they the best choice for odor elimination? 

Today, we’re going talk about the world of odor eliminators and whether metered aerosols are effective, or outdated. 

Let’s start by doing a deep dive into metered aerosol air fresheners. We’ll take a look at their history and answer common questions about their efficacy and safety. 

Then, we’ll look at what alternative odor eliminators are out there, and whether it’s worth switching to a new air freshener, or sticking with metered aerosols.

Let’s jump right in.

A Brief Background on Metered Aerosol Air Fresheners

Metered aerosol air fresheners are battery-powered devices that spray fragrances and solvents, such as acetone, into the air at timed intervals. Despite newer, more effective solutions existing today, metered aerosols are still widely popular.

In the past, the public has voiced concern over the harmful effect metered aerosol air fresheners, also called metered aerosol dispensers, might have on consumers and the environment, as well as for fragrance consistency and performance.

So, if metered aerosols are outdated and potentially harmful, why are people still using them? A general lack of knowledge and awareness of the metered aerosol’s harmful effects may be to blame.

Let’s take a look at the facts.

Are Metered Aerosols Hazardous to Your Health?

The biggest concern with metered aerosols is how they can adversely affect your health. 

In an article by Conrad Fox for Mongabay News, “Aerosol Pollution: Destabilizing Earth’s Climate and a Threat to Health,” Fox discusses the effect aerosols can have on the human body, writing, “Aerosols impact almost every part of the human body, depending upon the composition, exposure amount, and size.” 

Fox goes on to explain how the worst aerosols are made up of very fine particulates that can penetrate deep into the lungs and possibly even enter the bloodstream, causing respiratory and cardiovascular issues.

In fact, many metered aerosol dispensers display hazard statements on their labels. Here are five hazard statements that you’ll find on most metered aerosol dispensers:

Are Metered Aerosols Harmful to the Environment?

Another big concern with metered aerosols is that they can be harmful to the environment. 

Metered aerosol air fresheners are often disposed of improperly, contributing to landfills and pollution. But that’s not all, because the air fresheners can potentially explode, improper disposal can also cause fires to break out.

Are Metered Aerosols Effective Air Fresheners?

No, not really. That’s right, metered aerosols are ineffective when it comes to odor elimination. 

Metered aerosol air fresheners are set on a timer to spray in intervals, usually, every 15 or 30 minutes. This practice leads to inconsistent fragrance in the space. 

When the air freshener sprays, the fragrance is overpowering at first, but then quickly fades, leaving no pleasant smell until it sprays again at the next timed interval. That means instead of odor elimination, they’re just temporarily covering the smell.

On top of that, the spray can leave a sticky residue behind as solvent drops to the floor, wasting product and leaving you with a mess.

Metered Aerosol Dispenser Alternatives

So, when it comes to odor elimination, what are some options to choose from besides a metered aerosol dispenser? 

Let’s break up the alternatives into two groups: active and passive

Passive Air Fresheners

A passive air freshener is a simple and effective odor control solution that doesn’t need to be powered or managed. Passive systems rely on natural air movement to dispense fragrance. These can be placed almost anywhere like trash can lids, toilet bowl rims, and doorways.

Examples of passive air fresheners that you can use instead of a metered aerosol include: hanging tags, stick-up fresheners, reed diffusers, toilet bowl clips, urinal screens, and gel fresheners. 

Active Air Fresheners 

An active air freshener, on the other hand, is powered by batteries or an electrical outlet and is ideal for larger spaces such as restrooms, conference rooms, and lobbies. Some active air fresheners utilize a fan to help blow the fragrance throughout a room as well.

Examples of active air fresheners that can replace metered aerosols include spray air fresheners, diffusers, nebulizers, and fan air fresheners. 

Another example of an effective, active air freshener to metered aerosol is the ourfresh 2.0 by Fresh Products.

ourfresh 2.0 vs. Metered Aerosols

The ourfresh 2.0 is a battery-operated air freshener with 100% recyclable dry fragrance refills, eliminating the sticky residue that other metered aerosols leave behind. 

Premium Performance

It’s light-activated, and uses a fan to disperse fragrance (no solvents), immediately providing a pleasant experience for the end user. 

Smart and Efficient Technology 

Lasting for 30 days, the ourfresh 2.0 uses smart chip technology to run the fan intermittently, turning it off for longer as the days go on. 

This helps to ensure consistent fragrance release both hour-by-hour and day-by-day.

Final Thoughts

Metered aerosol dispensers may seem convenient, but when you think about how outdated, ineffective, and potentially harmful they are, it makes sense to look for an alternative. 

The ourfresh 2.0 isn’t just a good alternative, it’s the modern solution to odor elimination. 

It uses smart technology to run more efficiently than metered aerosol, running periodically throughout the day instead of blasting the fan 24/7. ourfresh 2.0 doesn’t just run more efficiently, but its high-powered fan disperses fragrance with more consistency than metered aerosol. 

Fresh Product’s fragrances are light but still appealing and come in a variety of scents. Their liquid-free design reduces fragrance overload and doesn’t leave any residue behind. The fragrances are packaged in inserts, making for simple and easy refills. 

If you’re interested in learning more about ourfresh 2.0, consider reaching out to an Imperial Dade facility near you. One of our Imperial Dade representatives will be happy to answer any questions you have.

We can also set up a free evaluation of your facility’s indoor air quality where our Experts will identify ways to remove foul odors and prevent them from recurring.

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