Plastic Recycling Codes 101: Resin ID Codes

Use this poster to understand the different types of plastics, which plastics can be recycled, and where to dispose of each.

Identifying the Plastic Resin Code on your items is the easiest way to determine how you and your customers should properly dispose of plastic products after use.

Use this one-page guide for a reminder of how to recycle and dispose of plastic in your facility.*

Hang this poster where your staff can see it for a daily reminder of which plastics can be recycled and where.

This one-page guide will help you, your staff, and your customers to:

  • Identify the type of plastic a product is made of
  • Prepare recyclable products for either curbside or drop-off centers
  • Plan proper disposal of plastic products

*Before disposal of any product, check with your commercial hauler to confirm that they are accepting plastics in your area. Disposal options for each resin code vary by state and facility.