Imperial Dade Confidential Employee and Supplier Hotline

Reporting an Incident

Imperial Dade is committed to doing the right thing. This means not just following the letter of the law, but exceeding those standards. Every employee and partner of Imperial Dade has a responsibility to uphold that commitment. If you see something that concerns you, please speak up. We have a number of ways for you to report any incident or suspicious activity related to a number of topics including, among others, financial and auditing concerns, harassment, theft, substance abuse and unsafe conditions. Neither Imperial Dade nor our third-party provider will reveal the name of the employee making a report to another employee who is the subject of a report, except as required by applicable law. You can also choose to report on a completely anonymous basis.

How to Report an Incident

We offer online and phone-based reporting hosted by a third-party to ensure confidentiality and ability to report anonymously:

This is not an emergency service. Please contact local authorities if you are experiencing a life-threatening issue.

If you are reporting an incident regarding one of Imperial Dade’s suppliers or have any questions about supplier guidelines, please refer to our Imperial Dade Supplier Code of Conduct.

If you are calling from outside the United States, please visit our reporting website for International dial-in numbers.