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5 Benefits of Autonomous Vacuums

5 Benefits of Autonomous Vacuums

Businesses in every market are faced with increased and more intensive cleaning requirements today. As a facility manager, you are likely challenged to find new ways to meet these demands without adding more cleaning staff.

This calls for innovative solutions. One way to help your staff meet these new expectations is with the addition of autonomous cleaning equipment.

Autonomous equipment relieves your cleaning staff from repetitive and time-consuming tasks, like vacuuming, so you can redeploy staff to the areas of your facility that need more detailed attention.

The mundane task of vacuuming is fatiguing and on average takes between 1 and 3 hours of your cleaning staff’s daily shift.

Autonomous vacuums, also called robot vacuum cleaners, take that time-consuming task and automate it, giving your team more time to focus on more important cleaning and disinfecting tasks.

Integrating an automated vacuum into your facility will allow you to enjoy several benefits including increased cleaning consistency and worker productivity.


In this article and video, we’ll discuss the benefits you’ll experience when adding robotic cleaning equipment into your facility.

Autonomous Vacuum Benefits

Reallocate Cleaning Resources 

Traditionally, cleaning staff must take the time to operate a commercial vacuum for the duration of the cleaning procedure.

However, fully autonomous vacuums don’t require your staff to run the machine.

All your cleaning team needs to do is power on the machine, and your staff can leave the machine to clean using one of the preprogrammed routes.

By offloading routine and repetitive vacuuming tasks, you can redeploy your staff allowing them to perform other cleaning tasks.

Additionally, once the initial routes are confirmed there is very little employee training needed. New staff can operate the machine with the touch of a button, lowering training time and costs.

Reallocate Cleaning StaffIncrease Cleaning Consistency

With the ability to store multiple unique cleaning routes, autonomous vacuums offer a way to standardize and ensure consistent vacuuming results. By standardizing the routes and vacuum settings you can ultimately expect to see the same level of clean every time.

Some machines can use teach-and-repeat mapping. With this feature, simply use the vacuum to clean a space one time, and from there on out, it will run the same route, with the same cleaning settings, on its own.

Unlike cleaning staff, autonomous vacuums do not deviate from its selected cleaning path, unless there is an obstruction or similar problem.

Each route will be performed exactly the same, every time, so you can expect the same level of clean.

Validate Cleaning Tasks

Cleaning RouteRight now, the people who enter or occupy your building have never been more concerned with the health and safety of your facility.

Many are asking for proof that specific cleaning activities are consistently being performed.

Autonomous vacuums can offer programs that can help you provide your stakeholders with a confirmation of the cleaning that has taken place.

The systems have a way to view usage rates, manage cleaning routes, and get data confirming an area has been vacuumed.

Not only will you be able to validate where, when, and how an area was cleaned, but you’ll be also able to view analytics to improve vacuuming efficiency and effectiveness.

Overcome Staffing Challenges

Absenteeism and finding qualified janitorial staff has been and will likely remain a common issue.

When you cannot find cleaning staff or some of your staff calls out for the day, vacuuming is often the first task that gets delayed or even skipped so available staff can focus on more important procedures.

Integrating automation into your facility can help guarantee that basic tasks like vacuuming will still get done, even with staff shortages.

Whiz display

Increased Cleaning Frequencies 

Unlike employees who are typically required to complete several cleaning processes throughout the day, autonomous machines are dedicated to one specific task, like vacuuming, for the entire cleaning shift.

When a machine only has to focus on one cleaning task for its entire cleaning shift, it can clean for longer than your staff would typically be able to focus on vacuuming.

Provide Peace of Mind to Occupants

Perception is reality. As mentioned, autonomous vacuums can run throughout the day.

Running the machine during peak business hours can help you to show your building occupants that additional steps are being taken to ensure your building is healthier and safer.

Whiz Autonomous Sweeper-Vacuum

Positive Perception

Seeking the latest innovations can display to occupants that you are constantly searching for ways to provide a better clean and keep them safe.

Utilizing autonomous equipment can show people that you’re willing to invest in the latest cutting-edge innovations.

Final Thoughts

Automation will ultimately be one of the best ways to help businesses, like you, adapt to the new increased cleaning and disinfecting requirements.

In the past, automation was hard to adopt because staff perceived autonomous machines as robots who were taking away jobs from them, creating a huge barrier to entry.

However, cobots, like the Whiz, are designed to work alongside your staff, so your staff can perform more meaningful tasks.

Imperial Dade locations are proud to offer one of the most innovative autonomous vacuums on the market, the Whiz Autonomous Vacuum Sweeper. See for yourself how it works.

Utilizing a simple, monthly subscription model, you can plan to pay about $20.00 a day for the Whiz. This autonomous vacuum sweeper can tackle up to 40,000 square feet per 8-hour shift.

Like other subscription models, opting in for the Whiz will provide a monthly flat rate.

The monthly subscription price includes all services and support, eliminating unexpected expenses, allowing you to have more predictable costs and better cash flow.

If you’re located in the United States, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, or Canada, you can help your staff experience increased productivity and deliver a better clean with the Whiz. Contact a specialist today to find out how you can get a cobot in your facility today.

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