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4 Benefits of Implementing Commercial Recycling Practices

4 Benefits of Implementing Commercial Recycling Practices

You may have heard a lot of talk recently about the importance of recycling and sustainability, but why should it be important to you as a business? Many companies are actually unaware of the impact they can have on a sustainable future.

In fact, 53% of the population struggles to recycle outside of the home.

Commercial recycling refers to the practice of recycling materials generated by businesses. One aspect of commercial recycling is trying to make recycling more accessible to patrons by providing easy-to-access recycling containers.

Beyond encouraging patrons to recycle, there are several additional advantages of implementing commercial recycling. Read along to see how successfully promoting commercial recycling can benefit your business.

Commercial recycling is important because it makes a substantial impact on environmental sustainability.

Through large-scale recycling initiatives, your business can play a pivotal role in setting a positive example in its industry and fostering a commitment to long-term environmental well-being.

Let’s go over four major benefits of implementing a commercial recycling program:

  1. Comply with Local Regulations
  2. Positively Influence Patron and Stakeholder Perception
  3. Lower Operating Costs
  4. Contribute to Environmental Sustainability

Throughout the US, there’s been an uptick across the board in regulations relating to sustainability. This is especially true of regulations that affect commercial facilities.

At least twenty-seven states have one or more mandatory recycling requirements. As of 2023, at least sixteen major municipalities have goals in place for zero-waste programs. In some states, facilities that are out of compliance with mandatory recycling laws can be fined up to $10,000 per day until the proper commercial recycling programs are implemented.

For example, Connecticut, California, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, New York, Oregon, and Vermont all have a state-wide ban on the commercial use of plastic bags.

Pro Tip: Not sure what the recycling policies are in your state? Check out our guide on Organics Policy and Composting Regulations by state!

These regulations, which are likely only going to increase, make it critical for all facilities to have recycling systems in place if they wish to stay compliant and avoid fines.

Did you know that two-thirds of Americans are willing to pay more for a sustainable product or sustainability-focused business? This figure highlights how commercial recycling has a strong influence over how patrons and stakeholders can perceive your business and even encourage return visits.

There are a number of ways for your business to effectively and conspicuously display its commitment to commercial recycling and sustainability at large, such as placing recycling containers in accessible locations, incorporating signage or labels on products to highlight their sustainable attributes, and adopting sustainable design elements, like energy efficient lighting, into buildings.

Improved recycling efforts can help decrease a business’s operating costs while lowering the amount of trash that ends up in landfills.

As recyclable materials, like plastic, paper, and organ waste, make up a significant portion of a business’ waste stream, diverting it from landfills helps lower disposal costs, such as the costs associated with landfill hauling and tipping,

Therefore, the shift toward waste reduction is a cost-effective method of waste management.

Any type of recycling, no matter how big or how small, contributes significantly to a smaller ecological footprint.

Even seemingly small efforts, like recycling a ton of paper or a single aluminum can, hold environmental benefits. Paper recycling, for example, saves trees and reduces the demand for procuring raw materials, while recycling aluminum cans helps to conserve energy.

Encouraging patrons and employees to actively recycle, whether it’s paper, aluminum cans, or other recyclables, enables your business to be foundational in creating a more sustainable future. 

Rubbermaid Commercial Products offers a wide variety of commercial recycling and waste management products that help encourage patrons and employees to recycle and improve commercial sustainability efforts.

Outdoor, front-of-house containers are often very visible to both patrons and employees and can therefore have an immediate influence on sustainable behavior. Let’s take a look at three of the best outdoor commercial recycling and waste management products offered by Rubbermaid Commercial Products.

  1. Landmark Series® Containers
  2. Tailor™ Containers
  3. Resist® Dual Stream Container

The Landmark Series® Classic Containers with panels are the ideal solution for high-volume outdoor waste and commercial recycling collection.

These containers are made from an injection-molded, polycarbonate frame that is resistant to scratches, impacts, and certain chemicals.

For quick waste removal, a hinged top with a stay-open strap provides access to the rigid liner. Easy access is an important concern with the design of this resin container, which is why it also has openings on all four sides.

Decorative panels slide seamlessly into the frame of Landmark Series®containers to make it easy for businesses to create a modular and interchangeable system that can grow with your commercial recycling program’s needs. These panels are color-coded with waste stream labels and icons to help patrons improve waste diversion.

“Landfill”, “Recycling”, and “Compost” panels are available.

The Tailor™ container provides an upscale, dimensional look that complements contemporary outdoor environments. 

Made from heavy-gauge, fire-safe steel, these containers are designed to stand up to heavy use and harsh weather conditions.

The hinged lid provides an ergonomic design to enable easy waste removal, and adjustable leg levelers provide stability on uneven surfaces.

Color-coded “Landfill”, “Recycling”, and “Compost” decorative panels can also be added to Tailor™ to create a modular and interchangeable system that can grow with your commercial recycling program’s needs.

The Resist® Dual Stream Waste & Recycling Container is designed to maintain high-quality aesthetics under the most extreme outdoor conditions.

The proprietary fan design resists up to 500lbs. of sustained blunt force. An advanced coating defends surfaces from graffiti, protects from everyday stains, and helps resist rust, corrosion, fading, and UV damage.

The permanent rain hood prevents unwanted environmental debris from entering the container. In addition, the door locks ensure contents of the container remain secure and the surrounding area stays clean.

This recycling container does not come with the ability to add decorative panels.

Waste Stream

The Resist® Dual Stream’s design provides landfill and mixed recycling streams that make sorting waste easy for patrons.

Final Thoughts

Commercial recycling is important because it enables your business to address local regulations and growing consumer demand while lowering operating costs and decreasing your ecological footprint. The Landmark Series®, Tailor™, and Resist® containers from Rubbermaid Commercial Products are great options for businesses wanting to improve their recycling efforts.

These products enable businesses to better tackle local sustainability regulations, like ones regarding waste diversion and material separation, ensuring compliance. Placed strategically, these containers put on display a commitment to recycling, influencing patrons positively, and enhancing your businesses environmental image.

They also encourage efficient waste separation, particularly with organic waste, resulting in cost-effective waste management. Savings from reduced disposal expenses, including landfill hauling and tipping costs, make adopting these containers a smart choice for businesses seeking both environmental responsibility and financial efficiency.

These commercial recycling containers aren’t just about compliance and cost savings, though. By encouraging recycling, they actively contribute to environmental sustainability and empower businesses to save resources.

Beyond these outdoor recycling containers, Rubbermaid Commercial Products also have a wide variety of indoor and back-of-house recycling solutions.

If you’re not sure what the right container for your facility is, reach out to the experts at an Imperial Dade facility near you. Set up a free consultation with one of our facility maintenance experts today to see how we can address the sustainable wants and needs of your business.

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