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4 Benefits of your Cleaning Team Completing CMI (Cleaning Management Institute) Training

4 Benefits of your Cleaning Team Completing CMI (Cleaning Management Institute) Training

As the leader of a commercial cleaning team, you are constantly looking to boost your employee’s productivity and increase tenant satisfaction, both of which will ultimately benefit your bottom line.

Proper training is key to ensuring your employees are achieving consistent results, providing a cleaner and safer facility, and increasing tenant and all other occupant & guest satisfaction.

In the cleaning and facility management industry, ISSA’s Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) certification is one of the most recognized credentials. CMI certification is achieved through successful completion of the Basic training course.   issa-cmi

Industry professionals developed CMI training to educate maintenance personnel, of any industry or skill level, on the best and most-up-to-date cleaning and maintenance practices.

What are the benefits of CMI training?

Standardized Processes for a Better Clean

Custodial training provides employees with industry-best cleaning processes, giving them a standard to adhere to and eliminating guesswork and process ambiguity.

Employees who know what the proper procedure is and how to complete it will be able to complete their work faster and with more confidence.

Utilizing standardized cleaning processes throughout your facility will reduce the number of mistakes and issues your staff will experience leading to a cleaner and safer facility.

A cleaner facility and consistent, high-quality results will ultimately increase building management and occupant satisfaction.

Increased Employee Productivity

Training will educate your employees on the most up-to-date cleaning supplies & equipment and the most efficient procedures.Increase Employee Productivity

Setting standards on how to perform a cleaning procedure and an understanding of the best products allows an employee to be more proficient in their work, reducing reworks.

Reducing the number of times your cleaning crew has to repeat cleaning processes from mistakes or improper cleaning procedures will allow them to be more productive during each cleaning or maintenance procedure.

When your employees are more productive, they can get more done during a shift, reducing overall labor and cleaning costs.

Reduced Employee Turnover

Happy WorkerReducing employee turnover is essential to keeping your costs low and providing your tenants with a consistent quality of clean.

The average cleaning organization can face turnover as high as 200% according to BSCAI (Building Service Contractors Association International). Most of the time, employees are not leaving for better pay or benefits but because they do not feel like they are a valued part of your organization.

Janitorial training can show your employees that you value them and the work that they do.  

When employees feel appreciated they are more satisfied with their job and are less likely to leave.

Avoiding employee turnover can help you minimize your labor costs. The time and cost of hiring new employees are greater than the cost of keeping and providing your employees with training.

In addition to reducing costs, maintaining a steady staff can increase consistency of cleaning procedures, helping to support a cleaner facility and improved tenant satisfaction.

Improved Tenant Satisfaction

Clean facilities are the first step in keeping tenants happy.  Reduce Labor Costs

It is important that your tenants are happy with the quality and consistency of your cleaning to ensure their continued support of your business.

Tenants will see better, more consistent results from your cleaning team who have been trained on the proper procedure.

Final Thoughts

With proper training, your custodial team can bring cleaning excellence to your facility by understanding the proper cleaning techniques and which products or equipment to use.

Interested in getting your cleaning team trained?

Imperial Dade locations offer a variety of training courses to educate staff on the latest equipment. Our hands-on courses allow attendees to interact with equipment while reinforcing the most up-to-date cleaning and maintenance practices. These courses will guide your team through key concepts, effective cleaning procedures, and an overview of the latest equipment, materials, and supplies.

Contact an Imperial Dade Specialist today to schedule training for your janitorial staff if you’re located in the United States, Puerto Rico, or the Caribbean.