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3 Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Team with Formal Training

3 Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Team with Formal Training

Maintaining a clean facility is key to attracting and retaining tenants. When you continually have new and existing tenants and guests evaluating your facility, it is critical that every cleaning procedure is performed correctly to produce the best possible results.

Every cleaning procedure, from restroom cleaning to restorative floor care, plays a significant role in ensuring your facility looks great. A clean facility is important to tenant and guest satisfaction and an improved bottom line.

One of the best ways to make sure the contracted cleaning staff is capable of achieving best-in-class results, with every cleaning procedure, is ensuring the custodial team has completed formal janitorial training.

Hiring a commercial cleaning team may seem like an easy task, but not all cleaning teams have completed industry-recognized education and training courses.

For many cleaning teams, it is common practice to rely on current staff members to train new staff on how to perform a cleaning procedure and which commercial cleaning products to use. Often, veteran staff don’t know the right products or processes needed to complete the task either. 

Commonly, veteran staff members train new staff with procedures that were passed onto them when they were hired. As a result, they are most likely “training” new staff with improper procedures, bad habits, and out-of-date practices. Just because something “has always been done this way” does not mean it is the correct or most efficient way.

Clean Office LobbyFormal janitorial training provides the education and hands-on experience a custodial staff needs to perform proper cleaning procedures with the right products and equipment. Understanding how and when to perform the correct and most up-to-date cleaning and maintenance procedures is critical to a clean and safe facility.

Ensuring your facility’s cleaning staff is constantly up-to-date and proficient in cleaning practices will also reduce the risk of the staff passing along bad habits, improper procedures, or out-of-date processes.

In this blog post, we will go over three benefits of hiring a formally trained janitorial team:

  1. Better Results (Enhanced Property Appearance)
  2. Increased Tenant Satisfaction
  3. Reduced Customer Complaints

1.  Better Results (Enhanced Property Appearance)

Better cleaning results mean an enhanced property appearance. A well maintained and great looking facility will keep occupants and guests happy, reducing complaints and increasing satisfaction.

Clean Building-1Better cleaning results are the effect of consistent cleaning processes and set standards.

Janitorial training will provide maintenance personnel with best practices and set standards for cleaning and maintenance procedures.

Cleaning outcomes across each area of your facility will be more consistent when every staff member is following the same procedure.

Without formal training, there are no fixed cleaning processes or standards to adhere to. When there are no standards, cleaning staff complete cleaning procedures differently each time, which can result in inconsistent cleaning results.

When every employee is using industry-best practices, all areas of your facility will receive the highest level of care every time.

2. Reduced Complaints

When your building is cleaner, your tenants will have fewer complaints. Reduced complaints means you will spend less time dealing with tenant phone calls and emails.Restocking Restroom

Improper cleaning procedures and product misapplication lead to increased mistakes and potential safety issues, ultimately causing a lower level of cleanliness throughout your facility.

In addition to reduced cleaning results, an improperly trained staff can cause more damage to your facility and can increase the risk of occupant injury. Both in damages and potential for injury, which can result in increased customer complaints.

Complaints can arise from a restroom out of toilet paper, a damaged floor, an offensive odor in the building, and a variety other cleaning issues.

Custodial training provides a range of industry best practices to ensure the staff is performing the proper cleaning procedures with the right commercial cleaning supplies.

Staff make fewer mistakes when they know how to correctly perform cleaning procedures and utilize the right commercial cleaning supplies and janitorial cleaning equipment.

Fewer mistakes equals a cleaner facility and reduced tenant complaints.

3. Increased Tenant Satisfaction

A clean and safe environment is essential to happy tenants. It is important that your tenants and guests are happy with the quality of cleaning to ensure their continued support of your business. Everyone prefers a clean, healthy environment.

Cleaning staff, who have received formal training, complete cleaning and maintenance procedures with more consistency and achieve better results.

When your janitorial team is achieving consistent, high-quality cleaning results your facility will look its best.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a cleaning staff that has completed formal janitorial training will lead to enhanced facility appearances, reduced occupant complaints, and increased tenant satisfaction.

Education on the proper products and processes will help make sure your maintenance crew achieves best-in-class results with every cleaning procedure.

So, how do you know if a cleaning staff has been properly trained?issa-cmi

In the cleaning and facility management industry, ISSA’s Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) certification is one of the most recognized credentials.

CMI certification is achieved through successful completion of the CMI Basic training course.

Reach out to your cleaning contractor to make sure their staff has completed CMI training.

If you are interested in CMI training and certification, Imperial Dade offers Basic CMI Training courses taught by our CMI certified trainers.

Utilizing our training facilities, maintenance personnel of any industry or skill level can attend Imperial Dade Cleaning Institute’s Basic CMI Training Courses. Our hands-on courses allow attendees to interact with the latest equipment while reinforcing the most up-to-date cleaning and maintenance practices. These courses will guide staff through key concepts, effective cleaning procedures, and an overview of the latest equipment, materials, and supplies.

At the completion of the course, attendees must pass a written exam to demonstrate their understanding of key cleaning and maintenance concepts and confirm their knowledge retention.

Imperial Dade locations offer Custodial training to businesses located in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean.