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2 Best Low Maintenance Floor Finishes of 2022

2 Best Low Maintenance Floor Finishes of 2022

Finding the time and money to maintain your resilient hard floors can be challenging, especially in a time where staff is already stretched thin.

To maintain soft, or high maintenance floor finishes you’ll likely need to burnish them 2-3 times a week, or more, depending on foot traffic and desired look. However, this may not be feasible for everyone.

You might be struggling with labor or not have enough time and money to burnish your floors frequently.

If that’s the case, then these floor finishes likely are not providing the desired look you’re aiming for. They may be dull or even appear a little dirty.

The look of your floors is important. Floors can be the first impression on the people in your building, and when people think they are dirty they may negatively perceive the overall cleanliness of your entire facility.

If you are looking for ways to free up staff and reallocate labor, you may be interested in low-maintenance floor finishes.

A low maintenance floor program is ideal for facilities that may not have the time, labor, or resources to spend on regular floor burnishing. In either case, low maintenance floor finishes are designed to stand up to heavy foot traffic, resist scuff marks, and maintain high gloss with minimal to no burnishing.

In this article, we’ll review the top-rated low maintenance floor finishes of 2022 and the benefits of these.

Best Low Maintenance Floor Finishes 

To help you narrow down the best low maintenance floor finish for your facility, we review the two best floor finishes of 2022.

Spartan® iShine® Floor Finish

iShine® is a specially formulated floor finish by Spartan® Chemical. It offers a unique blend that consists of patented, optically enhanced polymer technology to help amplify the overall glossy appearance and clarity of floors.

What You Need to Know

iShine - 451201169This is a 25% solids blend, providing durable protection against scuff marks, water spots, and black heel marks.

In every floor finish, there is a percentage of solids. Solids represent the percentage of the floor finish that remains on the floor after the liquid product dries.

The solids that are left on the floor provide a protective coating. Solids can be made up of a variety of materials, each having a specific purpose such as the ability to resist scuffs, reduce bubbling, improve slip resistance, and more. Each layer that is applied builds on top of the last. 

Floor finishes are typically differentiated by the percentage of solids they contain. High solid finishes generally contain about 18% – 33% or more solids.

This may have you wondering, does the percentage of solids matter? This is a complicated question due to many misconceptions in the marketplace, but in short, the percentage of solids does not affect the quality of a floor finish.

In the past, many believed that the quality of a floor finish is related to the amount or percentage of solids. This would mean all high solid floor finishes are high quality and will be the best choice.

However, it is important to realize that innovation in floor finish manufacturing has allowed for advancements in floor finish chemistry which positively affects the ease of floor finish application and appearance. The percentage of solids in a finish no longer directly affects the quality or durability. 

With 25% solids, this finish is durable and resistant to foot traffic.

Check out this article for more information: High Solids Floor Finish: 3 Common Myths That Could Make You Choose the Wrong Floor Finish

Frequency of Maintenance

On initial application, iShine needs anywhere from 1-4 coats depending on the current number of coats on your floor and the shine desired.

If this is the first time applying floor finish or you are performing a full strip and finish, you will likely need to apply 4 coats of finish.

iShine needs careful application and should be applied by someone with moderate to advanced experience.

After application, it only needs to be burnished about 1 time per week to maintain shine, even with high traffic.

While it is low maintenance and does not require frequent burnishing, this finish should be dust mopped or vacuumed regularly.  

In addition to dust mopping and vacuuming, you may choose to damp mop as needed to maintain a clean appearance. Dust and dirt buildup will negatively impact your floor shine and image, and can also lead to scratches or scuffs if not removed.

Periodic and restorative maintenance will also be important. You can scrub and recoat 1-4 times a year depending on traffic and the appearance. If you choose not to scrub and recoat periodically, this finish will need to be stripped and refinished annually. However, with consistent periodic scrub and recoats the frequency of your strip and refinish can be extended with this finish.

CERTO® Pro Floor Finish

Developed by CERTO®, Pro Floor Finish maintains a high gloss with minimal burnishing and fewer coats than other floor finishes. It offers excellent soil, scuff mark, and scratch resistance to extend the time between maintenance.

What You Need to Know

CERTO Pro Floor Finish - 451500066This low maintenance floor finish is durable and very resistant to foot traffic, increasing operational efficiency and labor savings.

CERTO® Pro Floor Finish contains 25% solids. To learn more about solids in floor finish and the role they play, read our related article: High Solids Floor Finish: 3 Common Myths That Could Make You Choose the Wrong Floor Finish

Like other floor finishes, if this is the first time applying it, we recommend putting down 4 coats of finish. As you apply more layers, the finish will build creating a durable coating. 

If you are not seeing the shine you would like, you can apply more than 4 coats, however, it is recommended to wait 24 hours before applying additional coats. 

Frequency of Maintenance  

CERTO® Pro Floor Finish is a hard, durable finish with high off the mop gloss in as few as 3-4 coats. It is recommended to apply multiple coats for a deep wet-look finish. 

If this is a full strip and finish, you will likely need to apply 4 coats of finish. Fewer coats can be applied if this is a scrub and recoat. 

This finish is easy to apply, leveling on contact so that your staff can work quicker. 

It requires minimal burnishing even if your facility has moderate to heavy foot traffic. To enhance shine, this finish can be buffed as necessary.

This finish should be scrubbed and recoated 1-4 times a year based on wear, level of remaining finish, and desired look. 

CERTO® Pro Floor Finish will need to be stripped and refinished at least once a year without periodic recoats. If you and your staff are performing consistent, periodic maintenance, the time between strip and waxing can be extended beyond the typical 1 year period.

Final Thoughts

Achieving high shine floors doesn’t have to put a strain on your budget and resources.

Low maintenance floor finishes can help you get the desired look without as much labor or time.

EBP and other Imperial Dade locations have a variety of low-maintenance floor finishes to protect your floors while giving you the appearance you desire.

If you’re located in the United States, Puerto Rico, or the Caribbean, contact an EBP Specialist today for help deciding which low maintenance floor finish is the best for your facility, or if you have questions about whether a low maintenance floor finish will be effective in your facility. Our Specialists can perform a FREE floor care program review to help you better understand what is the best option for your facility.

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