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Are you looking to save time and money on floor maintenance costs? 

Whether you’re sprucing up a small office or tackling a huge warehouse, knowing what affects the price of floor sweepers can save you time and money. 

You’ve likely already looked into getting a floor sweeper machine and noticed that the costs vary widely. In this article, we’ll dive into six key factors that influence the cost of these cleaning machines. 

Let’s make your next purchase a breeze!

Machines can range from $700 to $55,000. With such a large range in pricing, it can be difficult to know where to begin your search for the right floor sweeper machine.  

It’s important to understand the different factors that affect the price of a floor sweeper to help you determine what machine will be best suited for your needs.  

In this comprehensive article, we’ll discuss each of these factors to help you make an informed decision that aligns with your budget and cleaning needs.  

There are several key factors that determine the price of floor sweeper machines.  

  1. Type of Floor Sweeper Machine 
  2. Cleaning Path Size
  3. Power Source 
  4. Options & Accessories 
  5. Delivery, Setup, and Training
  6. Warranty

Some of these factors will have a larger impact in determining the cost of the machine than others.  

The type of machine you purchase will play the largest role in determining the price of your floor sweeper. There are two main types of floor sweeper machines: walk-behind floor sweepers and ride-on floor sweepers.  

Popular for indoor use, walk-behind floor sweeper machines are great for small to medium-sized spaces. They are generally easier to use in tight spaces as the user has more control over the direction and momentum of the floor sweeper.  

Walk-behind floor sweeper machines will range in price from $700 to $17,000. Cleaning path size and available features will play a large role in determining the final cost of the machine. 

Ride-On floor sweeper machines can be designed for indoor and outdoor use. They are typically larger than walk-behind floor sweeper machines and can clean larger spaces more quickly. Ride-on floor sweepers also tend to be more powerful, providing a deeper clean.  

Ride-on floor sweeper machines will cost between $12,000 and $55,000. Similar to walk-behind machines, the cleaning path size and available features will greatly affect the final cost. 

Size is a major factor in the cost of floor sweeper machines. Generally, the larger the machine, the higher the price. A floor sweeper with a 36-inch cleaning path will be pricier than one with a 25-inch path. Think about it like this, a big ride-on floor sweeper meant for parking lots will cost more than a smaller ride-on model for indoor use. 

Floor sweeper machines can have different power sources, which can impact the cost. Some walk-behind machines are electric and powered by plugging them into an outlet. These are generally the least expensive options.  

Battery power is also an option for floor sweeper machines. These options are more expensive than corded floor sweeper machines. Additionally, the more batteries your machine uses, the more expensive the machine will be.  

Some floor sweeper machines can be powered by other fuels, such as propane or diesel. Typically, this power option is more expensive than corded and battery powered floor sweeper machines. 

The options and accessories you choose can also affect the cost of a floor sweeper machine. 

There are many different options for the brushes on your machine. A floor sweeper machine with dual-side brushes will generally be more expensive than a machine with a single-side brush.  

Some floor sweeper machines can have more heavy-duty brushes on your floor sweeper. There may also be super abrasive brush options. Selecting these options may increase your cost.  

An adjustable handle instead of a fixed handle may increase the cost of walk-behind floor sweeper machines.  

Ride-on floor sweepers may have additional accessory options, such as adjustable seats, lights, and vacuum wands. These items may increase your cost as well.  

There may be additional costs for delivery, set-up, and training. 

Equipment purchases are an investment, and you want to get the most out of them. You may want to invest in training to ensure that your staff can operate the machines correctly and safely. Training can also help your staff understand proper machine maintenance. 

Proper operation and maintenance can extend the life of the floor sweeper machine, reduce equipment damage and the risk of injury to staff, and ensure maximum productivity from your employees. 

Most floor sweepers come with a warranty on parts. Manufacturers’ warranties vary, and some may offer extended warranties at an additional cost. 

Warranties are unlikely to cover the replacement of expendable wear items, such as the brushes on the floor sweeper machine.  

Improperly using the machine can void the warranty, making training even more important for protecting your investment.

While not part of your upfront costs, you may also want to consider the maintenance costs of a floor sweeper machine when making your decision.  

Certain maintenance aspects will apply to all floor sweeper machines. For example, brushes will eventually need to be replaced, regardless of whether your machine is a corded walk-behind or a battery-powered ride-on. You will also need to replace the filters, even if you clean them as part of your regular maintenance routine. 

However, some aspects of maintenance will be specific to certain types of floor sweeper machines.  

Battery-powered floor sweeper machines require battery maintenance. There are different battery types that require different levels of maintenance.  

Operators will need to ensure that proper water levels are maintained in wet batteries, and chargers need to be cleaned frequently to prevent corrosion damage.  

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Dry batteries may require less maintenance, but they are also more expensive upfront and to replace.  

It’s also important to follow the charging procedures for your batteries. Improper charging techniques, such as charging the battery too fast, can reduce the life of the batteries.  

Batteries are not infinitely rechargeable and will eventually need to be replaced as part of your long-term maintenance cost.  

Floor sweeper machines powered by fuel will require a constant fuel supply. Part of your maintenance costs will come from purchasing and safely storing this fuel.  

You will also need to provide general engine maintenance on these machines to ensure they continue to run smoothly.  

An important factor in maintaining your floor sweeper machine that is often forgotten is storage. Ideally, you store your machine on-site and don’t have to pay for off-site storage.  

However, that doesn’t mean your on-site storage will be entirely cost-free.  

All floor sweeper machines need adequate space for storage. If you have larger machines for outdoor use, you may need to store them in sheds rather than inside your facility to ensure adequate space.  

Machines stored outside may require additional accommodations, especially in extreme weather environments. Extreme cold conditions may have an adverse effect on battery-powered machines, so any storage space should be at least somewhat heated. This may increase storage costs.  

It’s important to consider these long-term maintenance costs and upfront costs to ensure that you are getting the most out of your money when purchasing a floor sweeper machine.  

Final Thoughts  

Understanding the different factors that influence the cost of a floor sweeper machine will help you determine what type of machine may benefit your facility most, meeting your cleaning needs within your budget. 

You’ll want to consider both the factors that impact upfront costs as well as the maintenance costs associated with the floor sweeper machine when making your decision. 

If you need more help, our janitorial equipment specialists can provide expert advice to guide you through this process. Reach out to an Imperial Dade facility near you to set up a free consultation to help you determine which floor sweeper machine suits both your needs and your budget.  

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