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How to Clean Commercial Floor Mats in 6 Quick Steps

How to Clean Commercial Floor Mats in 6 Quick Steps

Are your commercial floor mats in need of some TLC? 

Commercial floor mats are designed to protect your floors from abrasive soils, wet weather, and foot traffic but without regular cleaning, they can get too “full”. 

Not only does this make mats look dirty and create a messy appearance for guests and facility occupants but when this happens, your commercial mats can be ineffective at trapping and containing dirt from foot traffic. 

When mats don’t effectively contain soils and other contaminants, your floor is more susceptible to scratches, stains, and other damage. 

Cleaning and maintaining your commercial floor mats regularly can guarantee that you’re preventing as many soils from being tracked into and throughout your facility so your floors can remain unscratched. 

Whether it’s an entrance mat, an interior mat, or some other type of mat, almost all commercial floor mats can be cleaned using the same basic steps.

We previously put together an article reviewing how to clean entryway mats. Today, we’ll review how you can apply those steps to clean any commercial or industrial mats in your facility. 

6 Simple Steps to Clean Commercial Floor Mats

Commercial floor mats can be cleaned quickly and easily in 6 simple steps. 

The most important thing to remember when cleaning your industrial floor mats is that the mats should be cleaned at least one time per day. Now, some facilities may need to clean their floor mats more than once a day depending on if they get a lot of foot traffic or if the weather is particularly bad, leading to increased soils and moisture to be tracked inside. 

You’ll know you or your cleaning team need to clean your mats when your mats appear soiled or your flooring beyond your mats are wet and covered in dirt.

Preparing to Clean

It’s important to have all of the needed tools, supplies, and PPE before beginning any cleaning procedures.


  • Wet/Dry Vacuum or Upright Vacuum
  • Carpet Extractor or Wet/Dry Vacuum 
  • Pump Up/Trigger Sprayer


  • Heavy Duty Cleaner or Floor Neutralizer
  • Carpet Extractor Rinse


  • Gloves
  • Safety Goggles

To clean your commercial entry mats, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Remove Commercial Floor Mats

Commercial floor mats must be removed from the floor before they can be cleaned. 

In order to prevent dirt trapped in the mat from spreading, lift at the border of the mat and roll in inward. 

Keep the mat edges raised to contain dirt. For clarity on what this looks like, check out our explainer video above. 

Your industrial floor mats should be transported at least 25 feet outside of the facility. 

For larger mats, do not try to remove them on your own. Ask a teammate to help remove the mat to avoid injury.

If your commercial floor mats are too large or are attached to the floor, skip to step 4.

Step 2: Sweep or Vacuum Under Commercial Floor Mats

Once transporting the commercial floor mats outside, the floor beneath where the mat sits needs to be cleaned. 

Even the most effective of mats will sometimes allow some dirt and other contaminants to get under the mat’s backing. 

All dirt and soil should be removed to avoid floor scratches and to prevent the mat from shifting. 

Dirt build up can create a layer under the mat that allows it to shift and move floor mats when stepped on. 

To clean, first, use a broom or vacuum. If there are remaining stains, use an auto floor scrubber to scrub and clean your floors.

Step 3: Shake Out Commercial Floor Mats

Commercial entry mats can have dirt and debris trapped in the fibers, backing, or water dams (the protective border of your matting).

Loosening and removing the trapped dirt ensures that mats can continue to trap and contain dirt.

To shake out mats, ensure that there are at least 25 feet between the mat you’re shaking out and the entrance to your facility to avoid soils reentering the facility with foot traffic.

Shaking out your mats redeposits dirt into the air and onto the ground outside your facility. 

If you shake your mats out too close to the entrance of your building or in the direct line of the entryway, dirt can re-enter the facility when occupants walk through the soils that have been removed from your mats.

Once you’ve shaken your mats out, bring them back into your facility to vacuum them.

Step 4: Vacuum Commercial Floor Mats

Once returning your commercial mats back to their original position, vacuum them to suction out any remaining embedded soils. 

For best results, use an upright vacuum with a brush roller to complete routine vacuuming. However, if it is wet weather, like rain or snow, use a wet/dry vacuum to avoid damaging your upright vacuum. Upright vacuums are not designed to handle picking up moisture and will be damaged if used in wet conditions.

Step 5: Use A Carpet Extractor to Clean Commercial Floor Mats, As Necessary

If after shaking out and vacuuming your mats, you are still not happy with the mat appearance, you can use an extractor to remove deeply embedded soils.

Keep in mind, mats do not need to be extracted daily.

Before cleaning your mats using a carpet extractor, make sure that mats have been thoroughly vacuumed to remove any excess dirt and debris from the surface of the mat.

For tips and the steps to use a carpet extractor, check out this video: 

Step 6: Allow The Commercial Floor Mats To Dry

After mats have been extracted, make sure the floor mats are fully dried before opening to foot traffic. 

If you put mats down before the floor and mats are dry, you increase the risk of slip and fall accidents in your facility. 

Wet mats are more likely to attract dirt and create an environment for bacteria to grow. Bacteria growth can increase the risk of mold, mildew, and odors that will require your mats to be cleaned more frequently.

Final Thoughts

Commercial floor mats are critical to protecting your facility’s floors. The right mat care will help extend mat life, protect your floors, and save you money on soil removal costs. 

Whether you’re located in the United States, Puerto Rico, or the Caribbean, Imperial Dade has a wide range of commercial cleaning products and janitorial equipment to support your facility’s floor care cleaning routine.

Reach out to an Imperial Dade Specialist today to determine the best cleaning program to maintain your commercial entryway mats.