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4 Innovative Cleaning Solutions To Enhance Staff Productivity

4 Innovative Cleaning Solutions To Enhance Staff Productivity

New janitorial innovations are hitting the market daily, making it easier for janitorial personnel to clean and maintain the areas in their facility.

You’ve likely encountered common issues, like malfunctioning dispensers, under or over diluted chemicals, or concerns caused by chemicals in the air or on surfaces. Innovative cleaning solutions can help you avoid the issues that impact your cleaning processes.

Adding the latest janitorial innovations to your cleaning program will help you achieve reduced cleaning times, enhanced worker productivity, increased sustainability, and lower operational costs.

In this article, we’ll highlight 4 of the best janitorial innovations available to enhance your commercial cleaning processes.

What Are The Current Trends In The Cleaning Industry?

The cleaning industry is constantly evolving and finding ways to make performing tasks in your facility easier, hopefully requiring less labor from your staff.

The most notable trend is upgrading your current tools and equipment to make cleaning quicker and easier.

Four innovative cleaning solutions that we suggest for enhancing your cleaning program are:

  1. Rubbermaid Lumecel™  Battery
  2. Rubbermaid Hygen™ Microfiber
  3. 3M™ Flow Control System
  4. UV-C Disinfection System

1. Rubbermaid Lumecel™ Battery

The Rubbermaid Lumecel™ Battery can replace regular batteries in the dispensers you have installed in your facility. rubbermaid lumecel battery

Instead of using regular changeable batteries, Rubbermaid has created a battery technology that can create energy from indoor or natural light sources. This technology functions similarly to solar-powered batteries, eliminating the need for frequent battery changes.

Lumecel™ technology is more sustainable than using disposable batteries and can last for up to 15 years.

Due to their extended lifespan, your business can avoid spending money on new batteries to power your commercial restroom dispensers. By switching to a Lumecel™, you will ultimately save your business on the labor needed to check and change the batteries in your dispensers.

When using this technology, there will be less battery waste created over the lifetime of your dispensers.

2. Rubbermaid HYGEN™ Microfiber

Microfiber is good at removing and trapping germs, dirt, and bacteria that linger on the surfaces in your building.409912401 - HYGEN Disposable Microfiber

To increase its efficiency, Rubbermaid has designed a microfiber that is highly effective at reducing chemical and water usage during cleaning.

HYGEN microfiber is able to remove 99.7% of tested viruses and bacteria that are present on the surfaces and objects in your facility.

HYGEN microfiber is available as either disposable or reusable cloths and mop heads.

For facilities that are concerned with their sustainability, HYGEN microfiber has been proven to reduce chemical and water usage in long-term healthcare facilities by up to 97%. This means that by using just a HYGEN microfiber towel, you can achieve the same clean environment without the need for cleaning chemicals, lowering your overall building maintenance costs.

3. 3M™ Flow Control System


Properly diluted chemicals are important for achieving a clean facility as safely as possible. If your chemicals are over or under-diluted, you could end up with an area that appears clean, but is covered in germs and bacteria.

If you have a dilution control system in your facility, you likely have it installed using the water that runs through your building. That could pose an issue because the water pressure in your building may vary depending on different factors in your building, like whether water is being used in other parts of your facility.

To help combat the fluctuations in your facility’s water pressure, 3M offers a Flow Control System that dilutes chemicals up to 60% more accurately than other systems. This system adjusts the flow of chemicals and water through the system according to the water pressure from the source.

The 3MFlow Control System is available as both a wall mount and a portable dispensing system so that your staff can choose the most convenient model for cleaning preparation in your facility.

4. UV-C Disinfection Systems

UV-C disinfection is a popular chemical-free, no-touch disinfection system that you can use in your facility. Instead of having to use methods like spray and wipe or electrostatic disinfection, your staff can use UV-C technology to disinfect the surfaces and objects in your building.divrersey moonbeam

UV-C technology works by using artificially created ultra-violet radiation to deactivate germs and bacteria. The technology works by contact, so the light will have to reach the surfaces in order to thoroughly complete disinfection.

These disinfection systems are most popularly used in hospitals, but may also be used in facilities like:

  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Government Offices
  • Office Buildings
  • Fitness Centers
  • Entertainment Stadiums

It’s important to note that during use, your staff will need to be careful not to expose themselves to the radiation created by the equipment. Though the light cannot penetrate the skin, it can still cause burns to the skin and damage the eyes.

UV-C disinfection is a great option for facilities that have occupants who are sensitive to chemical use. For example, some guests can experience respiratory discomfort when chemicals are used to disinfect objects and surfaces in your building.

UV-C disinfection can reduce or possibly eliminate the need for chemical disinfection, minimizing the effects of chemicals on the people in your building.

Final Thoughts

New janitorial technology is constantly being developed to help make your cleaning processes and procedures as effective and easy as possible for your team.

Adding these janitorial innovations to your cleaning program will help increase worker productivity, support safety, reduce costs, and more.

Wondering which innovative cleaning solutions are right for you? Imperial Dade will help you evaluate your current cleaning program and suggest the right innovative products and equipment for you, whether you’re located in the United States, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, or Canada.

Contact a Specialist today to learn how one or all of these pieces of innovative equipment might benefit your facility.

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