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2 Innovative Floor Machines That Will Raise Employee Productivity and Cleaning Efficiency

2 Innovative Floor Machines That Will Raise Employee Productivity and Cleaning Efficiency

In the Jan/San industry, the demand for efficient and effective floor-cleaning solutions is always on the rise. 

To answer those demands, new machines are developed every day. As a result, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest innovations. To help catch you up to speed, we’re reviewing two of the most efficient and innovative floor machines on the market.  

These groundbreaking floor-cleaning solutions are redefining the standards of mobility, maneuverability, performance, and safety. Without further delay, let’s look at the i-Mop Lite and the T380AMR.

Tennant’s new take on the i-Mop presents a lightweight and mobile floor scrubber for tackling tight spaces and maneuvering around obstacles. 

The i-Mop Lite offers exceptional ease of use. 

Weighing in at just 36 pounds, its compact frame is a breeze to handle. The wheels on the bottom make it effortless to take from area to area when it’s not in use. Overall, its lightweight and mobile design simplifies the task of picking up, storing, and using the machine.

One of the i-Mop Lite’s most standout features is its user-friendly design. It features simple and intuitive controls that both seasoned operators and first-time users won’t struggle to operate the machine. 

The i-Mop Lite’s detachable tanks make it convenient to change cleaning solutions and drain slurry, minimizing the downtime between cleaning tasks.

The tanks are also anti-microbial, which significantly reduces the growth of bacteria. This feature not only improves the cleanliness of your floors but also ensures a more hygienic cleaning process.

Mavueuverability is the name of the game with this machine. 

Its maneuverable design is further enhanced by heavy-duty hinges that make it highly agile. It can achieve 360-degree movement in tight spaces and includes a parking stand for stop-and-go action that ensures the scrubber will not fall over.

Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the i-Mop Lite is able to clean over 15,000 square feet per hour. 

It offers impressive efficiency with a 45-minute run time per charge. Moreover, its modular battery pack is easily rechargeable. There is also a battery safeguard function built-in that helps preserve the battery life by ensuring that if the machine runs for too long, it will automatically shut off before damage to the battery occurs. 

The machine’s counter-rotating twin brushes are designed to push the cleaning solution toward the center rather than away, guaranteeing a thorough and precise slurry pickup. Additionally, splash guards help prevent the solution from splashing onto the operator or nearby obstacles. 

These brushes are easily removable for quick cleaning and maintenance. 

This robotic floor scrubber is Tennant’s answer for any cleaning crew looking to raise productivity without sacrificing cleaning ability. 

The T380AMR is an autonomous floor machine that offers excellent maneuverability and productivity. A 20″ scrub head allows it to clean narrow aisles and navigate around obstacles with little to no human assistance, reducing operational costs and increasing efficiency.

One of the standout features of the T380AMR is its ability to produce weekly usage reports that measure and track key performance indicators. This data gives businesses the ability to review and optimize cleaning performances, ultimately resulting in cleaner environments.

The T380AMR is an autonomous unit capable of providing a consistent cleaning performance because it can be trained to repeat specific routes and tasks. It can even run multiple routes back-to-back without requiring human intervention, freeing up employees to focus on higher-value tasks.

The T380AMR’s smart features enhance both efficiency and safety. 

It can respond to complex, real-world situations, like avoiding people and unplanned obstacles, effectively reducing the risk of on-the-job accidents. The machine is also designed for optimal water recovery on turns, further minimizing the risk of slip-and-fall injuries, and comes equipped with automatic braking measures for increased safety during use.

Final Thoughts

Machines like the i-Mop Lite and T380AMR are transforming how businesses approach floor cleaning. 

These innovative solutions offer enhanced mobility, exceptional maneuverability, powerful performance, and intelligent features that elevate operational safety and cleaning efficiency. Whether you prefer the mobile and accessible i-Mop Lite or the smart and safe T380AMR, you can expect a cleaner, safer, and more hygienic environment for employees and customers with either one. 

These innovative cleaning solutions are setting new industry standards, making them indispensable tools for businesses looking to maintain high standards of cleanliness and efficiency. If you’re interested in learning more about how these machines can benefit your floorcare program, don’t hesitate to contact the nearest Imperial Dade facility. 

Reach out today, and you can set up a free in-person or virtual consultation of your floorcare program. 

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