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Importance of Servicing Janitorial Equipment: 3 Ways to Save

Importance of Servicing Janitorial Equipment: 3 Ways to Save

Facility managers are continuously looking for ways to increase cost savings, improve worker productivity, and achieve better cleaning results. Janitorial cleaning equipment is designed to remove dirt and soils with more efficiency, ultimately providing you with a safer and cleaner building.

Yet, it often seems that equipment tends to break down during the busiest time, when you can least afford to be without it. To ensure your equipment is working properly when you need it, you should be servicing your equipment on a regularly scheduled basis. 

All types of janitorial cleaning equipment, including vacuums, buffers, burnishers, and autoscrubbers, require preventive maintenance and regular servicing.

The frequency of maintenance and service will depend on the machine type and how often it is being used. For example, an autoscrubber should be serviced after 200 hours and a vacuum should be serviced at least 2x a year, sometimes more depending on the level of traffic and amount of soil.

Although an equipment purchase can be a big investment, it’s important to understand that the added cost of regular maintenance and servicing will actually help you achieve a faster payback.

After a new equipment purchase, you may be hesitant to spend more money on regularly scheduled maintenance or preventative care.

Without regular maintenance, your equipment is likely to experience more costly damages and a reduced useful life. 

To fully maximize your investment in any piece of janitorial cleaning equipment, regular maintenance and service is critical.  

In this article, we will go over 3 ways scheduled equipment maintenance will help save you money in the long run.

1. Extend Equipment Life 

Scheduled preventative maintenance can safeguard your investment by extending the life of your commercial cleaning equipment.  

Increase Employee ProductivityProper maintenance will help reduce the amount of wear and tear on the equipment. Janitorial cleaning equipment has parts which may include hoses, squeegees, drive motors, brush motors, vacuum motors, filters, control valves, and more that need to be checked for damage.  They will also need to be cleaned.

Whether it’s tanks that need to be emptied and cleaned or cords that need to be replaced, removing dirt and replacing damaged parts is important to extending the machine’s life.

By performing routine cleaning and maintenance, your equipment will experience less stress, increasing its chances for a long, useful life.

2. Lower Repair Costs 

Regular maintenance is designed to catch potential problems before they happen and eliminate expensive downtime. 

If you are properly maintaining your commercial cleaning equipment, you will experience less costly repairs and unscheduled machine downtime, ultimately allowing you to recoup your investment faster.

There are many janitorial cleaning equipment parts that can lead to costly repairs if they are not regularly evaluated for issues or potential problems. Typical maintenance includes checking, repairing, or replacing hoses, filters, grease fittings, drive motors, brush motors, vacuum motors, LCD displays, switches, squeegees, and batteries.

Regular maintenance proactively looks for common issues with equipment, catching potential problems otherwise not seen during daily maintenance.

3. Increased Worker Productivity 

The biggest expense to any cleaning operation is labor. 

Ride On AutoscrubberWhen equipment breaks down, it requires higher staffing and labor costs to complete the same amount of work in a time period.

Regularly scheduled maintenance can be planned around work hours.  Planned downtime will allow you to avoid increased labor and costs.

Less machine downtime allows your employees to perform tasks with the most efficiency and productivity.

Final Thoughts

For any cleaning operation, properly maintaining janitorial cleaning equipment is critical to improving worker productivity, extending the life of your equipment, and lowering repair costs.

A properly maintained machine will result in less downtime, fewer headaches for you, a lower total cost of ownership, and a faster return on your investment.

Imperial Dade understands that out-of-service commercial equipment means lost productivity and greater costs to your business. We offer preventative service and repair programs to prevent surprise breakdowns and keep your equipment operating in peak condition, whether you’re located in the United States, Puerto Rico, or the Caribbean.

Our team of factory-trained service technicians is expertly trained to troubleshoot and solve a variety of equipment problems.

We can perform service on any type of janitorial cleaning equipment even if it wasn’t purchased through us. Our planned maintenance and service programs will help ensure your equipment is running at peak performance when you need it, saving you time and money, and ultimately improving your business’ bottom line.

Visit our site to learn more about our equipment service and repair program or to schedule a consultation or demo today.