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American Dish Service Chlorine Test Kit 100/Each

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100 / Each
American Dish Service Chlorine Test Kit 100/Each
  • Test strips are accurate, easy to use, fast, and inexpensive.
  • Chlorine test strips are great for testing water main leaks.
  • Strips store well and require no calibration, the use of instrumentation or additional chemical preparation.
  • Test strips are packaged in sealed packets or in bottles.
  • Chlorine exists in water in either a "free" or "combined" state. The "free" chlorine is more readily available for disinfection than the "combined" state and is, therefore, usually more desirable for rapid disinfection needs.  The sum of the "free" and "combined" chlorine is the "total" chlorine in solution. There are acceptable methods for determining "free" and "total" available chlorine in solution (e.g. the DPD method).
  • The equipment used for these methods is expensive and requires expertise to undertake the testing.
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Safety Signage
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Chlorine Test Kit