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Bubble Film 6X27.6 IN 1150 FT Clear Plastic 1/Roll

SKU# 525403

Mfr# 525403

Bubble Film 6X27.6 IN 1150 FT Clear Plastic 1/Roll
  • Light as a feather and reliably shock-resistant, Storopack’s AIRplus® air pillows are the optimal protective packaging for sensitive products
  • A variety of pillow shapes can be produced as required directly at the packing station, therefore saving valuable storage space
  • All AIRplus® machine types can be integrated into existing packing processes – including in combination with automated packing lines and storage containers at the packing station
  • The range includes four different film types: Prepackaged products can be ideally blocked and braced in the carton with AIRplus® Void, as the large air pillows optimally fill the void
  • Smaller and medium-sized AIRplus® Cushion and AIRplus® Bubble air pillows are exceptionally flexible, and can be used to cushion, block, and brace or wrap sensitive products
  • Thanks to its innovative, diamond-shaped structure, AIRplus® Wrap is the ideal substitute for traditional bubble wrapping
  • Delicate products can be wrapped tightly with these air pillows and are thereby optimally protected
  • Tailored solutions are important to customers, which is why Storopack offers two different film varieties: the coextruded AIRplus® CX film and the antistatic AIRplus® ESD film for protecting electronic components
  • Reliable: constant film quality from the company‘s own production
  • Diverse: there is an air cushion type for every application
  • Economical: Reduction in raw materials due to multi-layer CO extrusion
  • Durable: excellent mechanical properties
  • Saves space: on-demand system for minimal storage
  • Integrates: compact, user-friendly devices for key packing areas
  • Practical disposal: one step and all that remains is the empty film


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  • Packaging Product Type:

    Bubble Film

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  • Product Category:

    Bubble Wrap

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  • Product Type:

    Bubble Film