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Atrix International, Inc.

Ergo PMP Backpack Vacuum Air Blower 1/Each



The NEW Atrix ERGO PMP Backpack Vacuum/Blower PMPBP is an excellent and economical option for pest control, janitorial, offices, and warehouse applications. After input and feedback from Pest Management Professionals throughout the country, Atrix has exclusively reconfigured the backpack vacuum to meet the exact needs of the pest control industry and applications. The ERGO PMP Backpack is lightweight, safe and low profile making it comfortable for Pest Management Professionals to wear for a long duration of time. It is powerful with its 1,400 watt cleaning power which produces 106 CFM. The vacuum provides four levels of filtration which consists of an eight quart HEPA bag, cloth shake out bag, HEPA premotor filter, and an exhaust filter.  The ERGO PMP Backpack Vacuum can be adjusted to left or right hand operation and easily converts to a blower providing an extra cleaning dimension. The vacuum can capture everything from bed bugs to dirt and debris.


  • Floor Machine & Vacuum Product Type:

    Backpack Vacuum, Air Blower

  • ESP Chemical:




  • Product Category:

    Floor Machines & Vacuums

  • Product Type:

    Backpack Vacuum, Air Blower