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Off-Premise Packaging

For Delivery and Carry-Out

Imperial Dade is your supply chain partner for all of your off-premise packaging and supplies. We stock over 30,000 items from leading and innovative manufactuerers. Our foodservice experts will work with you to customize a packaging and supply program that meets your needs including customer satisfation, cost management, and food safety.

Tips for Safe and Efficient Take-Out Service

  • Review your off-premise menu and limit to items that are efficient to prepare and package and that maintain quality during transit.
  • Designate an area for assembly and stage containers and other supplies to expedite the process.
  • Use color-coded tags to distinguish bags for various third-party delivery services and customers.
  • Provide training for staff on proper food handling and packaging procedures.
  • Choose packaging based on your menu items.
  • Separate hot and cold foods into their own containers and bags to keep items at their proper temperature.
  • Use the correct size container for each application. If the container is too large, the food will shift and could break apart. If the container is too small, the food will be crowded, and the container will be prone to leak.
  • Invest in the right ancillary items. Bags must allow for containers to stack neatly inside which will prevent tipping. The bags should be the right weight and have sturdy handles to ensure safe carrying. For third-party delivery, tamper-evident bags may be needed. Wrapped cutlery kits keep the cutlery and napkins sanitary. The correct size soufflé cups will keep condiments, dressings, and toppings intact.
  • Brand your packaging. Custom-printed and embossed packaging will keep your logo visible and reinforce your brand. Other options include printed labels, wrap-around bands, and sandwich wraps. Bags are ideal for displaying your logo, phone number, website, and social media information.
  • Have a designated pick-up counter for customers and delivery providers.