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Environmental Service Program

Featuring Victoria Bay Equipment and Chemicals

Imperial Dade's exclusive Victoria Bay Environmental Services Program is a comprehensive system that will be customized to meet your needs. We offer a full line of dish and laundry equipment, chemicals and dispensers, backed by 24/7 emergency technical service. Attractive equipment leasing programs are available.

is a critical function in any kitchen operation. Imperial Dade offers high-temperature and low-temperature dish machines and a complete line of Victoria Bay chemicals and dispensers.
The Victoria Bay laundry system
offers many advantages including a controlled dispensing system, effective detergents, and stain removal products. Everything is color-coded and bilingual for ease of use.
Kitchens hold many cleaning challenges
ranging from equipment to floors and drains. Imperial Dade has a full line of specialty chemicals designed to keep your kitchen clean and safe.
Proper 3-compartment sink procedures
are an important compliance element. Imperial Dade offers a complete program that takes the guess work out of sanitizing practices.
The Victoria Bay chemical management system
is a cost effective, environmentally friendly, and safe method to ensure proper mixing of concentrated chemicals.