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Campus Hygiene & Cleanliness are Critical

The Tork Campus Hygiene Package

Operations managers are faced with higher demands than ever on cleaning quality, hygiene and operational efficiency – without compromising on sustainability. The pandemic has added even more pressure in the form of stricter cleaning protocols and new tasks like providing sanitizers and more surface sanitizing. It has also brought even more staffing and scheduling issues. The result is that managers and staff are now expected to do more with the same, or even less, resources.

Hand hygiene is the single most important method to reduce infections and prevent cross-contamination. The Tork Campus Hygiene Package™ helps keep faculty, staff and students safe.

Keeping surfaces clean to minimize spread of germs is now a common priority. Enable everyone to help with the Tork Campus Hygiene Package™

Tork is the global leader in professional hygiene. We can help you promote and improve hand and surface hygiene throughout your campus. Also, with real-time data on cleaning and service needs from the world’s leading facility management solution for data-driven cleaning, Tork Vision Cleaning, you can maximize efficiency and resources by empowering your staff to clean when and where it is needed, thereby eliminating unnecessary tasks.