More Sustainable, Less Costly

First impressions matter. In the United States, more than 40% of college students choose their school largely based on their first impression of the physical campus environment. Beyond that first impression, the physical environment continues to shape the perception of the school by students, parents and visitors. EXPERIENCE A WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS THAT FIT YOUR FACILITY.

"Liberty SC50 saves me a couple of hours every day. It's easy to program and easy to use." -- Rick Pool, Supervisor, St. Michael-Albertville High School

SC100 Upright Scrubber, SC250 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers, SC401 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers

More Sustainable, Less Costly. As budgets shrink, schools are continually tasked with doing more with less. At the same time, many districts are adopting green cleaning initiatives to create a healthier learning environment and reduce their environmental impact.

Advance AquaPlus, Advance ES4000, Advance Adphibian