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Nearly 90% of customers polled stated that dirty floors, spills, and stains would negatively impact their perception of a facility. It’s all about the gloss and it’s all about the shine. Spartan Chemical understands that every day you want your floors to appear as bright and clean as they did when they were installed. Achieving that goal is made simple through proper training and an extensive line of maintenance and restoration products. Spartan has the solution for all hard floor types.

Resilient Floor Care

Spartan carries an entire line of resilient floor care products to properly and efficiently maintain your floors. Floor Care Made Simple®!

Wood Floors

A new gym floor represents a significant investment. Keep your floors looking new through proper maintenance and restoration programs. With challenges from gum removal and black heel marks to water damage, Spartan has a wood floor care solution to meet your needs.

Stone Floors

Concrete flooring options are seen in more and more facilities every year due to their extreme durability, low maintenance needs, and beauty. Whether you are sealing a newly installed floor, restoring an existing floor, or performing daily maintenance, Spartan can put together an end to floor care program to meet your needs.