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Automatic floor scrubbers can vary greatly in terms of types, sizes, features, and more. The wide variety of available brands and models can be confusing when trying to select which floor scrubber is best, but choosing the right one for your business is critical to maximizing worker productivity and achieving best results. To help you narrow down the options, we have compiled 6 of the best stand on and ride on automatic floor scrubbers of 2024.

Find out more about the different types of automatic floor scrubbers here.

Stand on and ride on automatic scrubbers are the largest in size and are most effective in cleaning areas ranging from 15,000-150,000 or more square feet. Stand-on and ride-on scrubbers will have a run time between 2-4 hours depending on the size of the machine and the number and type of batteries installed.

Large open areas such as gyms, warehouses, building lobbies, airports, or open hallways likely require a stand on or ride on automatic scrubber to maximize worker productivity and cleaning efficiency.

These automatic floor scrubbers allow the user to sit or stand on the machine, reducing user fatigue and increasing worker productivity in large scale floor cleaning operations.

Everything you need to know about auto scrubbers including types, sizes, specs, & more!

Stand On Floor Scrubbers

  • Tennant T350
  • Advance SC1500™

Ride On Floor Scrubbers

  • Viper AS530R™ 
  • Tennant T7
  • Advance SC300™

The Best Stand On Floor Scrubbers

Stand on floor scrubbers greatly improve worker productivity because the operator experiences minimal fatigue. They allow the operator to stand on the back of the machine and drive the floor scrubber with no extra effort.

Stand on scrubbers are always battery operated. Battery operated machines are more expensive than cord-electric machines, but provide more mobility and increased worker productivity, leading to shorter cleaning times and lower labor costs.

BrandModelScrub TypePower Source Run timeScrub PathSound LevelSolution/Recovery Tank SizeBrush Pressure Brush Speed
Tennant® T350Singular or Dual DiscBattery4 hrs per charge20 in | 24 in63.7 dBA (high)


59.7 dBA (low)

14.1 gal. /18.4 gal91 lbs 275 rpm
AdvanceSC1500™Disc | RevBattery2 hrs per charge20 in.63 dBA12 gal. /12.588 lbs (high) |88 lb (high)


51 lbs (low) | 61 lbs (low)

140 rpm | 2,250 rpm

*All run-times are approximate and will vary by machine size and battery type, life, maintenance.

Tennant T350 Specifications and Review

What makes the Tennant one of the best stand on automatic floor scrubbers of 2024?

The T350’s high productivity rates and great maneuverability make it an ideal choice for cleaning large spaces. Its ergonomic design ensures operator comfort while cleaning out those commercial spaces.

Run Time

With a run time of 4 hours, the T350 has twice as long of a run time as the next best stand on scrubber on this list.

Scrub Head Type

This floor scrubber can have a singular or dual disc scrub head.

Disc scrubbers can utilize floor pads or brushes. The ability to be paired with a pad or brush provides increased versatility. For example, when equipped with a floor brush, the bristles will better reach into grout lines.

Disc scrubbers are a good choice for facilities with varying floor types.

Scrubbing Path size

The T350 spins at 275 rpms, the fastest of all the floor scrubbers on our list (excluding the Advance SC1500’s optional REV Technology). Faster pad or brush rotations can decrease the amount of time it takes to effectively clean floors.

Brush Speed

The SA40™ spins at 140 rpms (rotations per minute), the lowest of all the floor scrubbers on our list. Slower pad or brush rotations can increase the amount of time it takes to effectively clean floors.

Tank Size

The Tennant T350’s solution and recovery tanks are on the smaller size, compared to all of the machines we are reviewing. It is equipped with a 14.1-gallon solution tank and a 18.4-gallon recovery tank.

Pad Pressure

The max pad pressure on this machine is 91 pounds.

Advance – SC1500 Specifications and Review

What makes the SC1500 one of the best stand on automatic floor scrubbers of 2024?

The SC1500 is the only stand on scrubber on this list that can be purchased with REV™ and Ecoflex Technology.

With REV, your orbital scrubber will require less chemical and water to complete cleaning procedures, reducing your cleaning costs.

The REV machine is always equipped with Ecoflex. Ecoflex allows you to easily control the vacuum system and the amount of chemical, water, and pad pressure applied from none, low, or high burst.

Advance SC1500 Stand On 20in AutoscrubberRun Time

The SC1500 has a run time of approximately 2-3 hours per charge.

Scrub Head Type

The Advance SC1500 has a disc or REV scrubbing head. REV is an orbital scrubbing machine that includes the Ecoflex system.

Unlike disc machines that rotate and require cleaning chemicals, orbital scrub heads “orbit” or move in fast, tight vibrations with little or no chemical to clean the floor.

REV/Ecoflex model can save you water, chemical, and labor.

Scrubbing Path size

This machine has a scrub path of 20 inches, which is the most common scrubbing width offered on the stand on scrubbers on our list.

Brush Speed

Providing increased power, this machine rotates at 140 rpm(disc) or 2250 rpm (REV technology). Faster rotations will help you achieve desired results in less time.

Tank Size

This machine is also equipped with a 12-gallon solution tank and a 12.5 gallon recovery tank. These are the smallest tanks sizes for the auto scrubbers on our list.

The smaller the tank size, the less area your staff will be able to cover before having to stop and empty the recovery tank, decreasing worker productivity. This machine can provide up to 75 minutes of scrub time before having to empty the tank.

Pad Pressure

The SC1500 has two scrub pressures: high and low.

At low scrub pressure, this machine delivers 51 pounds of scrub pressure. At high scrub pressure, it delivers 88 lbs of pressure.

Pro Tip: Low scrub pressure is used for daily cleaning. High scrub pressure is used when performing heavy-duty scrubbing or for restorative cleaning.

The Best Ride On Automatic Floor Scrubbers

Ride on scrubbers provide the most productivity out of all types of scrubbers. They require minimal operator effort. The operator sits on the machine and uses finger controls to maneuver the machine. They are the largest machines and are most effective in large scale floor cleaning operations such as warehouses and airports.

Ride on machines are battery operated.

Battery operated auto floor scrubbers are great for facilities that require a floor scrubber to reach beyond where a cord is capable of reaching. Battery operated floor scrubbers also provide increased productivity.

BrandModelScrub TypePower SourceRun timeScrub PathSound LevelSolution/Recovery TankBrush PressureBrush Speed
ViperAS530R™Disc Battery3.5 hours per charge20 in.69 +/- 3 dBA19 / 19.2 gal.51 lbs160 rpm
Tennant®T7Disc Battery4.5 hours per charge26 in. | 32 in67 dBA29 gal.160 lbs 225 rpm
AdvanceSC3000™DiscBattery3.5 hours per charge26 in.65 dBA (high)


61 dBA (low)

21 gal.105 lbs (high)


65 (low)

230 rpm

*All run-times are approximate and will vary by machine size and battery type, life, maintenance.

Viper AS530R™ Specifications and Review

What makes the AS530R™ one of the best ride on automatic floor scrubbers of 2024?

Offering a large solution and recovery tank, 3.5 hour run time, and small cleaning path, this machine is a good option for larger facilities needing to scrub crowded rooms or large, tight areas like hallways. Additionally, it is the least expensive ride on scrubber on our list.

Viper AS530R Ride On 20in AutoscrubberRun Time

The AS530R™ has a run time of up to 3.5 hours.

Scrub Head Type

Similar to the other scrubbers on this list, the AS530R™ is a disc scrubber. The disc model can be fitted with either a round (disc) pad or a brush.

The ability to use either a pad or brush allows the operator to switch back and forth between the appropriate floor pad or brush for the floor surface.

Scrubbing Path size

This auto floor scrubber is equipped with a 20 inch scrub path.

It is important to consider the scrubbing width to ensure you are choosing the most productive machine for your facility. The larger the scrub width the fewer passes your staff will have to make, allowing them to move on to other cleaning tasks. However, if you are operating the machine in a small area, a large scrub path may not be needed.

Brush Speed

This scrubber operates at 160 rpm.

Tank Size

This machine offers a large recovery tank for extended cleaning times. It holds a 19.2-gallon recovery tank and a 19-gallon solution tank, both with large openings for easy access.

Pad Pressure

This machine is only capable of delivering 51 pounds of pressure to the floor. This is the least amount of pad pressure available.

Tennant® T7 Specifications and Review

What makes the Tennant T7 one of the best ride on automatic floor scrubbers of 2024?

The Tennant T7 boasts the longest run time and largest tank sizes on this list. That means it can get a lot of cleaning done before it requires a recharge or to be refilled. These features are key for boosting productivity. When combined with the T7’s intuitive controls and simple training, it makes for a very effective machine.

Run Time

Run time maxes out at 4.5 hours per charge. Having a longer run time means increased productivity as you can get more done without having to recharge.

Scrub Head Type

Like many of the other scrubbers on this list, the T7 is a disc scrubber.

Disc scrubbers are the most common types of scrub heads, they use a round pad or brush and cleaning chemicals to clean floors.

Scrubbing Path Size

This machine can have a 26-inch cleaning path or 32-inch cleaning path. 

The larger the cleaning path of the machine, the shorter cleaning times will be.

Brush Speed

The Tennant T7 has a brush speed of 225 rpm, making it the second fastest brush speed of the ride on scrubbers by only 5 rpm.

Tank Size

It has an impressive 29 gallon tank (solution and recovery), allowing custodial staff to get the most out of the machine’s long run time.

Pad Pressure

This scrubber has three pad pressure settings: high, mid, and low. When used for daily cleaning the low pressure setting should be used, and will deliver 80 pounds of pressure. For cleaning tough stains the mid setting will deliver 120 pounds of pad pressure. For restorative cleaning procedures and deep, hard-to-clean stains the high setting will deliver 160 pounds of pad pressure.

Advance SC3000™  Specifications and Review

What makes the Advance SC300™ one of the best ride on automatic floor scrubbers of 2024?

Providing a large cleaning path, two pad pressure settings, and a large solution and recovery tank, the SC3000™ is a powerful compact autoscrubber.

Additionally, this scrubber is available with Ecoflex®. Ecoflex® gives you the ability to control water, chemical, vacuum, and pressure, ultimately helping to reduce costs. 

Run Time

This machine has a maximum run time of 3.5 hours. 

Scrub Head Type 

It utilizes the traditional disc scrub head. It can be paired with either round floor pads or brushes. 

Scrubbing Path Size 

The SC3000™ is equipped with a 26-inch scrub disc. The larger the scrubbing path the more space an operator can cover. Increased cleaning times means greater worker productivity. 

Greater worker productivity means lower labor costs.

Brush Speed

The brush runs at 230 rpm which is the fastest rpms on any of the ride on autoscrubbers on this list. The faster the rpms the quicker you will be able to clean floors. 

Tank Size

It has a 21-gallon tank that enables the operator to perform over an hour of continuous scrubbing on a single tank of water.

Brush Pressure 

This scrubber has two brush pressure settings of 65 and 105 lbs. The amount of brush pressure is important for enhanced cleaning results. 

Increased pad pressure can help tackle harder floors or tough stains, reducing the number of passes your workers have to make. When your custodial staff can complete cleaning procedures with less passes, you will save on labor costs. 

Pro Tip: It is important to note that increased brush pressure doesn’t always mean better results. Brush pressure can damage floors if not used appropriately.

Final Thoughts 

The best auto floor scrubber for your business will enable your staff to be the most productive in your facility. 

Large facilities with tight spaces such as warehouses will benefit from stand on scrubbers equipped with small turn radiuses and more maneuverability.

The larger the facility the more benefit you will experience from a large, battery operated ride on scrubber. Allowing your staff to cover the most area in the shortest amount of time with the least strenuous equipment will enable them to complete more work in a shift. 

When reviewing the best option for your facility, larger facilities may require larger automatic scrubbers than featured on this list. Scrubbers are available in sizes up to 38 inches. Large, ride automatic scrubbers will not be as efficient in tight areas where they have to navigate obstacles such as desks, furniture, equipment, etc.

The larger the autoscrubber the more it will cost, but money shouldn’t always be the deciding factor when choosing an auto floor scrubber for your facility. 

Though the upfront cost is higher, a larger ride on autoscrubber, which will clean more space in a shorter amount of time, can provide a shorter payback period. 

No matter your situation Imperial Dade can help match you to the best auto floor scrubber for your needs. 

Imperial Dade has an unrivaled selection of commercial cleaning products and janitorial cleaning equipment to help you build the most effective floor care program. 

If you are still not sure about which is the best option for your facility or have a question about auto floor scrubbers, let an Imperial Dade Equipment Specialist help. 

Visit our site for more information about our equipment sales or to contact a specialist today.

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