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How Much Does An Automatic Floor Scrubber Cost?

How Much Does An Automatic Floor Scrubber Cost?

The cost of an automatic floor scrubber is a large factor you have to consider when choosing a scrubber for your facility. The best auto scrubber for your facility will match your business’ needs and budget.

Auto floor scrubbers, or auto scrubbers, remove soil and stains from hard floors better and faster than the traditional mop and bucket. They are also a more hygienic alternative to the traditional cleaning methods.

Investing in an auto scrubber can seem expensive, but integrating an auto scrubber into your floor care program will save you time, labor, and other cleaning costs.

Automatic floor scrubbers perform three cleaning procedures in one pass, removing the manual labor from cleaning a floor. In one pass over the floor, an auto scrubber will dispense cleaning solution, agitate the solution with a floor pad or scrub brush, then vacuum it all up with an auto scrubber squeegee attachment.

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There are three types of floor scrubbers: upright, walk-behind, and ride-automatic (rider). The best choice for your cleaning operation will depend on the size of your facility and your budget. Auto scrubbers can range from $1,150 to $30,000.

In this article, we will go over the price of each type of floor scrubber and the features that can affect the cost.

How Much Does An Upright Scrubber Cost?

SC100 in-use cafe

An upright scrubber is the smallest available scrubber. They are available with cleaning paths ranging from 12 – 14 inches. The larger the upright scrubber, the more the machine will cost.

Upright scrubbers are extremely efficient in small areas where a narrow cleaning path is needed. They are typically used in classrooms, under desks and chairs, or in bathrooms, under partition walls.

An upright scrubber will typically cost somewhere between $1,150 and $4,500.

The cost of the machine will vary based on size, manufacturer, material type, and features installed.

How Much Does A Walk-behind Scrubber Cost?

TASKI Swingo 1655 XD Autoscrubber

Walk-behind automatic scrubbers are available with cleaning paths ranging from 13 – 38 inches. They are most effective in cleaning areas between 1,000 and 150,000 square feet, such as building lobbies, gyms, or open hallways.

A walk-behind scrubber will typically cost somewhere between $1,150 and $18,000.  The cost of the machine will vary on size, manufacturer, material type, and features installed.

Walk-behind scrubbers can be divided into 4 groups depending on their size: micro, small, mid, or large.

SizeArea in Square FeetPrice Range 
Micro13” 14” 15”1,000 – 3,000$1,150 – $3,599
Small17”- 20”3,000 – 20,000$2,450 – $9,800
Mid22”- 28”15,000 – 40,000$9,000 – $18,000
Large32”- 38”30,000 – 80,000+$13,000 – $18,000

Walk-behind scrubbers are more expensive than upright scrubbers, but they have advanced features that enable the operator to be more productive and get more done in the same amount of time. Increased productivity translates into savings.

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How Much Does A Ride Automatic Scrubber Cost?

Viper As710R Ride On 28 in Autoscrubber

Ride automatic scrubbers offer cleaning paths ranging from 20-45 inches. They are the largest machines and are most effective in large scale floor cleaning operations such as warehouses.

A ride automatic scrubber will typically cost somewhere between $7,000 and $30,000.  The cost of the machine will vary based on size, manufacturer, material type, and features installed.

Riders are segmented into three main sizes: small, mid or large.

SizeArea in Square FeetPrice Range 
Small20”- 24”15,000 – 40,000$7,000 – $10,000
Mid26”- 34”25,000 – 100,000$9,900 – $23,000
Large34”- 45”50,000 – 150,000+$23,000 – $30,000

Floor scrubbers can be equipped with various features such as different power sources, accessories, and warranty packages that will affect the price of the janitorial cleaning equipment.

1. Power Source

Automatic scrubbers can be battery operated or cord-electric.


Yellow Cord

Floor scrubbers up to 24 inches can be cord-electric.

Cord-electric floor scrubbers are cheaper than battery operated floor scrubbers, but they generally have smaller cleaning paths which will lead to decreased worker productivity and higher labor costs.

Cord-electric machines need to be in reach of an outlet at all times. Having to plug and replug the machine will lead to decreased productivity and longer cleaning times.

Battery Operated

SA40 Batteries angle 1Almost all walk-behind and ride automatic scrubbers are battery operated.

Battery operated machines are more expensive than cord-electric machines, but provide more mobility and increased worker productivity, leading to shorter cleaning times and lower labor costs.

Depending on the size of the battery operated floor scrubber, it may require several batteries. The more batteries the machine requires to operate, the more expensive the machine will be.

There are different types of batteries for janitorial cleaning equipment: gel, absorbed glass mat (AGM), deep-cycle wet flooded, or lithium ion.

Deep-Cycle Wet Flooded

Deep-cycle wet flooded batteries have a lower initial cost, but do not last as long as gel or AGM batteries. They require weekly “watering” to ensure the electrolyte remains at a proper level for optimal performance and extended life.

It is critical to the life of a deep-cycle wet flooded auto scrubber battery that they are periodically maintained. If they are not properly maintained throughout their life, they will have to be replaced sooner than expected, ultimately costing you more in the long run.

Gel or AGM

Gel or AGM batteries are maintenance-free battery solutions when compared to deep-cycle flooded batteries. They are both more expensive than deep-cycle flooded batteries, but require less maintenance.

Lithium Ion

Lithium batteries are the most expensive, but offer the operator the increased convenience of no maintenance and a long battery life.

The increased cost of a lithium battery can be offset by the number of times it can be recharged. Lithium ion batteries will also reach a full charge more quickly when compared to gel, AGM, or deep-cycle wet flooded batteries.

2. Scrub Deck

Auto scrubbers can be purchased with one of three types of scrub decks: disc, square, or cylindrical.


CA30 17E Deck from above

The most common and most cost effective auto scrubber models typically have a disc scrub deck and require disc floor pads or brushes. Disc floor pads and brushes are round.

They are available in different colors and materials to perform certain cleaning procedures.

Boost Scrub Head w_arrowsSquare

Auto scrubbers with a square scrub deck require square floor pads to clean the floor. Square scrub decks orbit to clean the floor. Square decks are similar in price to disc scrub decks.

Pro Tip: Some models with a square deck can be combined with square floor pads that already have the chemical solution within the pad, and use about 70% less water than a conventional floor scrubber with a disc pad.


MA30 13B brush removal cropCylindrical brushes are for facilities that need to sweep and scrub the floor at the same time, usually in industrial facilities. They are also great for facilities with uneven floors, like tile and grout. They are more expensive than disc or square decks.


3. Squeegee Blade Type


Gum squeegees are the cheapest option. They are ideal for smooth floors. They should not be used in areas with oily or chemical soils because this will cause them to lose their texture and reduce their cleaning efficacy.

Autoscrubber SqueegeeLinatex

Linatex provides good long-term durability and resistance to tears, and are a good option for uneven flooring like grout. They are more expensive than gum blades but cheaper than urethane blades.


Urethane blades are the best option for all types of floors. They provide increased moisture removal from uneven surfaces. They are resistant to oils and chemicals, and are the longest lasting, but they are the most expensive.

4. Preventative MaintenanceOn-going service and support can help extend the life of your automatic floor scrubber and reduce the need for more costly repairs.

Automatic floor scrubbers should be serviced at least four times a year or quarterly, but will ultimately depend on how often you are using the floor scrubber.

Although it may cost you more initially, services like preventative maintenance will help safeguard your investment. It will also prevent unscheduled equipment downtime and lost worker productivity that downtime causes.

5. Delivery Set-up, & Training

EBP Equipment Sales_Cropped

To get the most out of your equipment investment, take into consideration the cost of machine delivery, set-up, and training.

Training is important in ensuring employees understand the safest and best way to operate and maintain the equipment. Proper usage and training will reduce equipment damage, extend the life of your automatic scrubber, reduce the risk of employee injury, and maximize employee productivity.

6. Warranty


Auto scrubbers typically come with a warranty on parts which can help keep your repair costs down.

Warranties on auto floor scrubbers will vary by manufacturer. In general, the longer the warranty, the more expensive the machine.

Warranties usually do not cover the replacement of expendable wear items such as scrub brushes, pad holders, carbon motor brushes, bulbs, filters, and squeegees. Warranties will be void if the machine is used improperly.

Pro Tip: Batteries will come with their own warranty.

Final Thoughts

The initial price of a floor scrubber is not the only factor you should consider when making a purchase decision. The best automatic scrubber for your business will be based on the return on investment (ROI) or payback of the scrubber, size of your facility, and desired cleaning results.

For large facilities, the best investment will be a ride-on, battery-powered automatic scrubber. Even though it’s more expensive, your workers will be more productive, getting more done in the same amount of time, and ultimately save you on labor costs.

For small to medium facilities, a small, walk-behind scrubber will be the best investment.

Hard to reach areas will be best maintained with upright scrubbers.

Selecting the best auto scrubber for your business based on your budget and needs can be challenging.

Imperial Dade locations offer a variety of commercial cleaning supplies and janitorial cleaning equipment including automatic floor scrubbers to help you build a successful floor care program. We can work with you and your budget to find the best machine to add to your cleaning program.

If you’re located in the United States, Puerto Rico, or the Caribbean, let an Imperial Dade specialist help you decide the best automatic floor scrubber to meet your business’s budget and needs.

Everything you need to know about auto scrubbers including types, sizes, specs, & more!

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