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5 Best Upright and Micro Auto Floor Scrubbers Of 2023

5 Best Upright and Micro Auto Floor Scrubbers Of 2023

Integrating an autoscrubber into your floor care program will save you time, labor, and other cleaning costs. Auto floor scrubbers, or autoscrubbers, remove soil and stains from hard floors better, faster, and more hygienically than the traditional mop and bucket.

Auto floor scrubbers can have cleaning paths that range from 12 to 45 inches, and run times that vary from 16 minutes to over three hours. Upright and micro scrubbers are great for smaller facilities or for facilities looking for an autoscrubber that will fit in tight or difficult to clean spaces.

Find out more about the different types of automatic floor scrubbers here.

The best choice for your business will be based on the size, needs, and budget of your facility.

Everything you need to know about auto scrubbers including types, sizes, specs, & more!

In this article, we will review 5 of the best upright and micro floor scrubbers, the smallest available auto floor scrubbers.

If you are interested in a specific type of upright floor scrubber or micro scrubber, click on the link below to drop to the respective section.

Upright Floor Scrubber

  1. Tennant i-mop®  Lite
  2. Tennant i-mop®  XL
  3. Clarke ® MA10™ 12E

Micro Scrubber

  1. Tennant CS5
  2. Clarke® Vantage 14

The Best Upright Floor Scrubbers

An upright scrubber is the smallest available scrubber. Upright scrubbers are operated similar to upright vacuum cleaners. They are effective in cleaning areas between 500-1,200 square feet.

The larger the upright scrubber, the more the machine will cost.

They are typically cord-electric, but some can be battery-operated. Cord-electric scrubbers provide continuous cleaning time when plugged into a wall outlet, but they will need to be kept within the distance of an outlet at all times.

Cord-electric floor scrubbers are cheaper than battery operated floor scrubbers. Unlike battery floor scrubbers, you will avoid having to recharge and maintain batteries.

1. Tennant i-mop®  Lite

Run Time

The Tennant i-mop lite has a run time of up to 45 minutes. Its maximum run time is about on par with the i-mop XL’s average run time. For its small size, that’s not a bad deal.

Scrub Head Type

This floor scrubber utilizes a dual disk counter rotating scrub head, just like the i-mop XL which we review below.  Counter rotating brushes allow both disks to move counterclockwise. The dual rotating brushes trap and absorb dirt rather than pushing it off to the side.

Scrubbing Width

It has a cleaning path of 13 inches. A small cleaning path makes it easy to clean around obstacles and furniture.

Brush Speed

This machine operates at 500 rpm, which is the second fastest of the three upright scrubbers highlighted in this list.

Tank Size

The solution tank is .8 gallons, while the recovery tank is slightly larger at 1.06 gallons. Smaller tanks will mean the machine will run for less time before having to be emptied.

What makes the tennant i-mop®  lite a top-rated upright floor scrubber?

This floor scrubber offers a lightweight and maneuverable design, offering 360 degree movement that makes it easy to clean in tight spaces. Its lightweight design also makes it easy to pick up, carry, store, and use. It’s a great vacuum for taking with you on the go, and for maneuvering around obstacles and furniture. 

The i-mop lite’s run time is great for small to mid sized commercial spaces, but it has no problem tackling larger spaces with its modular battery packs. Three batteries means it has a continuous run time; as one battery charges, another is in use, and a third is ready to go. When an employee does not have to wait for a battery to charge they can shorten cleaning times and increase productivity.

It’s one of the more expensive floor scrubbers we review, but the i-mop lite is versatile and it will quickly boost your cleaning crew’s productivity.

2. Tennant i-mop®  XL

Run Time

The i-mop XL has an average run time of 45-50 minutes. However, it can run for just over an hour at maximum charge (70 min), allowing it to have the longest run time of the other upright scrubbers on this list.

Scrub Head Type

This floor scrubber is equipped with a dual disk counter rotating brush.

Counter rotating brushes allow for a deeper clean than traditional brushes because they move counterclockwise. With both disks moving counterclockwise, the floor machine traps and absorbs dirt rather than pushing it off to the side.

Scrubbing Width 

The i-mop XL offers a large cleaning width of 18.1 inches. A larger cleaning path means the operator will have to do less sweeps to cover a floor, improving productivity.

Brush Speed

It delivers 350 rotations per minute (rpm), the slowest on this list. 

At 350 RPM, this machine is good for stripping, scrubbing, and polishing all types of hard floor surfaces, but it won’t be able to perform these jobs as quickly as some of the other machines we review.

Tank Size

This floor scrubber is tied with the i-mop lite for the smallest solution and recovery tanks, compared to the other floor scrubbers in this list. The i-mop XL has a 1.06 gallon recovery tank and a 0.8 gallon solution tank. 

This scrubber can run for about 16 minutes before the tank will need to be emptied.

What makes the Tennant i-Mop®  xl a top-rated upright floor scrubber?

The Tennant i-mop XL offers an out of automatic angle shutoff that stops the motor if the handle is dipped below 32 degrees, as an additional feature. 

It’s heavy-duty deck enables it to clean and dry 1,000sq ft of commercial space in less than 5 minutes. This machine is built for high productivity, with two rechargeable battery pack modules and detached cleaning and solutions tanks for easy changing.  

It’s the most expensive floor scrubber on this list, which is fitting for its big size, large cleaning path, and ability to tackle heavy-duty stains.

3. Clarke® MA10™ 12E

Clarke MA10 12E Upright Autoscrubber 1Cord Length

This machine is the only upright floor scrubber we’re reviewing that has to be plugged in. It has a 33ft cord length.

The benefit of a corded floor scrubber is that it doesn’t require downtime to charge. The downside being that it has to stay plugged into a power outlet. This machine’s cord length provides a good amount of distance for cleaning most commercial spaces.

Scrub Head Type

This is a single cylindrical brush. Cylindrical scrubbers are great for tiled floors. 

Scrubbing Width

It has a scrubbing path width of 12.2 inches.

This machine also has a cleaning clearance of 4 inches, enabling the machine to easily fit under low furniture and fixtures. 

Brush Speed

The Clarke MA10™ 12E operates the brush at 2,100 rotations per minute (rpm).

Tank Size

Upright scrubbers are small, light-weight machines meant to be easily maneuverable, so they are not equipped with large solution or recovery tanks. This scrubber has a 1-gallon recovery tank and a .8-gallon solution tank. The MA10™ 12E can run up to 16 minutes before the tank is full and will need to be emptied. 

What makes the Clarke MA10™ 12E a top-rated auto floor scrubber?

The Clarke MA10™ 12E is the least expensive of the upright scrubbers on this list.

The Best Micro Auto Floor Scrubbers

Micro scrubbers are typically used to clean areas between 1,000-3,000 square feet which is slightly larger than the recommended area for an upright scrubber. Micro Scrubbers are operated similar to larger walk-behind scrubbers. The operator manually pushes the micro scrubber from behind.

Unlike upright scrubbers, micro scrubbers are typically battery powered. Battery operated scrubbers provide increased run times and improved worker productivity.

1. Tenant CS5

Scrub Time

It has a scrub time of 50 minutes, making it the shortest lasting micro scrubber

on this list. Tennant offers an optional battery upgrade that can get up to 75 minutes of run time.

Scrub Head Type

The CS5 is equipped with a single disk brush. Disk brushes are very common with autoscrubbers because they are inexpensive, easy to change, and very effective at cleaning floor tile

Scrubbing Width

The Tennant CS5 has a scrubbing width of 11 inches, making it the shortest width of the floor scrubbers on this list.

Brush Speed

The brush speed of this machine is 160 rpm. This is the highest rpm of the micro scrubbers on this list.

Tank Size

This machine is equipped with a 1.3 gallon solution and 1.3 gallon recovery tank These are bigger than most of the other tanks we’ve covered. 

The benefit of a bigger solution tank is that they don’t have to be refilled as often. The CS5’s bigger tanks and its long run time make for an effective cleaning combo.

Brush Pressure

The lower of the two micro scrubbers on this list, the CS5 can deliver up to 26 pounds of pressure.

What makes the tennant cs5 a top-rated micro floor scrubber?

The Tennant CS5 was built with innovation in mind. Its two squeegee design allows it to clean and cry both in reverse and moving forward. The compact size and maneuverable handle lets the CS5 clean hard-to-reach places with ease. 

The CS5 is excellent for its low cost and ability to boost productivity. Its small size makes it easy to carry from room to room, while the 1.3 gallon recovery and solution tanks and 50 minute battery life make for less downtime while cleaning, so tasks can be completed quicker.

2. Clarke® Vantage 14

Clarke Vantage 14 Micro Autoscrubber 1Scrub Time

This battery operated micro scrubber provides up to 1 hour and 45 minutes of scrub time on a single charge.

This scrubber provides the longest cleaning time of the machines on this list.

Scrub Head Type

This is a disc machine. Disc machines use a round (disc) pad or brush to clean floors. Disc machines can be equipped with varying pads and brushes to accommodate different floor types.

Scrubbing Width

This machine has a scrub path of 14.5 inches.

Brush Speed

The Clarke Vantage 14 has a brush speed of 120 rpm, the lowest on our list.

Tank Size

The Vantage 14’s dual 3 gallon tanks are the largest solution and recovery tanks of all the floor scrubbers we’ve reviewed.

Pad Pressure

This machine has a scrub pressure of 60 pounds. The amount of brush pressure is important for enhanced cleaning results on tough stains.

Pro Tip: It is important to note that increased pad pressure doesn’t always mean better results. Pad pressure can damage floors if not used appropriately.

What makes the Clarke® Vantage 14 a top-rated Micro floor scrubber?

The Clarke® Vantage 14 can be paired with either a disc pad or brush to scrub floors. The ability to use either a disc or brush gives workers the freedom to switch back and forth between the appropriate floor pad or brush for the floor surface. For example, brushes usually clean tiled floors more effectively. 

This floor scrubber provides the operator with the longest run time. The longer a floor scrubber can clean for, the more your janitorial staff can accomplish. 

Additionally, it is equipped with the largest solution and recovery tank to help extend the amount of area an operator can cover before having to empty the tanks.

Final Thoughts

The scrub time, scrubbing path width, and tank size can help differentiate the cleaning capabilities of each of these floor scrubbers.

The Tennant i-mop lite and the Clarke MA10™ 12E offer the smallest clearance, so you can fit under desks and bathroom partitions. Choosing between these machines may come down to price. Keep in mind, money shouldn’t always be the deciding factor when choosing the best floor scrubber for your facility. The i-mop lite may be more expensive but offers additional features, like the automatic angle shut off that will help avoid damage to your machine.

The Clarke® MA10™ 12E upright scrubber is the only one that offers a cord (33 ft), eliminating the need to stop cleaning and recharge any batteries.

If an upright scrubber does not offer a large enough cleaning path or long enough run time, a micro scrubber might be the best option for your business.

If you are looking for a small floor scrubber with the highest run time you will likely be interested in purchasing the Clarke® Vantage 14.

However, if you are looking for a less expensive micro scrubber, consider the Tennant CS5.

Keep in mind micro scrubbers have varying amounts of downward pressure depending on the model. Pad or brush pressure can help remove tough stains but if not used properly can damage floors.

The size and budget of your facility will ultimately help you determine which is the right floor scrubber for your business.

No matter your situation Imperial Dade can help match you to the best auto floor scrubber for your needs.

Imperial Dade has an unrivaled selection of commercial cleaning products and janitorial cleaning equipment to help you build the most effective floor care program.

If you are still not sure about which is the best option for your facility or have a question about auto floor scrubbers, let an Imperial Dade Equipment Specialist help.

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Everything you need to know about auto scrubbers including types, sizes, specs, & more!

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