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Category: Cold & Flu

How to Wash Your Hands in 5 Steps: Your First Line of Defense 

Germs are everywhere. They lurk on high-touch surfaces, linger in the air, and hide under objects. While inevitable to avoid picking up germs, proper handwashing is an easy tool to help keep you and those around you healthy.  Whether it’s a routine...

Cold and Flu Prevention Tips: How To Keep Your Building Healthy

Combating the spread of Coronavirus was a primary focus for businesses in previous years. Yet, as we enter peak cold & flu season, preventing the spread of germs remains priority as you work to increase building hygiene and safety. 

Where Are The Germiest Areas in Your Facility?

Germs are everywhere. They are a part of everyday life and are found in and on people, in the air, in the soil, and in water. Some germs are not harmful but others can lead to serious illness and infections, reiterating the importance of cleaning to...

5 Cold and Flu Prevention Tips For the Workplace [VIDEO]

The flu causes U.S. employees to miss approximately 17 million workdays a year, in turn costing employers, like you, about $7 billion annually in sick days and lost productivity. Each year the seasonal flu peaks between December and February, but preparing...