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How to Improve Your Commercial Restroom’s Image: 3 Must-Have Products

How to Improve Your Commercial Restroom’s Image: 3 Must-Have Products

The appearance of your facility’s restroom is important to how your guests view your facility as a whole.

A clean restroom signals to your guests that the rest of your facility is well kept. The people in your building will also see a clean restroom as a sign that you and your cleaning staff are committed to their health and safety.

If your guests have a negative experience in your restrooms, they might leave lower ratings, be generally dissatisfied, and be less likely to return.

You and your cleaning staff can enhance the image of your commercial restroom to achieve more satisfied guests and experience fewer complaints.

In this article and video, we’ll explain how including innovative restroom products can lead to an improved restroom image that will impress your guests and customers.

How to Improve Your Commercial Restroom’s Image

The image of your commercial restroom refers to the appearance and cleanliness of the area. While frequent cleaning and disinfecting will be able to contribute to a clean restroom, the equipment and products that are used in your bathroom will also have an effect on its appearance.

There are a few things that you and your cleaning staff can do in order to enhance your facility’s commercial restroom.

You can install sleek, innovative restroom equipment that will help enhance your restroom’s image, like:

Innovative Hand Hygiene Dispensers

Hand hygiene is an important part of making sure that you and your guests have a clean, safe environment in your restroom.

Commercial hand hygiene dispensers come in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials. These restroom dispensers can also come with features that help to enhance your restroom’s image.

In some commercial restrooms, dispensers can drip and create unsightly pools of hand hygiene products on your counters and floors. Not only can dripping dispensers create a safety hazard for your guests, but they can also make your restroom appear unclean.

Some of the features that hand hygiene dispensers come equipped with include:

  • Mounting Options
  • Touchless Dispensing Capabilities
  • IoT Enabled Dispensers

Mounting Options

Hand hygiene dispensers can be installed in your commercial restroom in a variety of ways.

The main options for dispenser installation are countertop and wall-mounted units. 

Countertop dispensers are installed close to the sink. These dispensers are capable of releasing soap into the sink, which reduces the likelihood of countertops being covered in soap products.

Keeping your countertops clean is important for maintaining a sanitary appearance in your facility’s restroom.

Wall-mounted dispensers are hung on the wall. Unlike a countertop dispenser, a wall-mounted dispenser can free up space in your restroom and help avoid clutter on your restroom counters.

These dispensers have the benefit of coming in an array of styles. Many wall-mounted restroom dispensers can come in stainless steel, black or white plastic, or come with custom branding.

The dispenser you choose for your facility’s restroom can be small, to reduce the amount of space being taken up, or larger to accommodate higher volume restrooms.

Touchless Dispensing Capabilities

There are also touch-free options that you and your staff can install in your commercial restroom. Touchless dispensers are typically battery-powered, so they deliver a pre-set amount of soap or sanitizer with the wave of a hand.

Manual dispensers require your guests to physically touch the dispenser to release the soap, exposing people to germs and bacteria that can spread illness.

Touchless Sinks

While it’s obvious that touchless dispensers can reduce germ spread, touchless dispensers can also enhance the image of your commercial restrooms.

These restroom dispensers come in many sleek and stylish options and some may be customized to fit your desired look.

Installing a touchless dispenser in your facility can help create a modern look in your restroom. When you provide your guests with the most updated equipment and products, they can tell that your business cares about their health and safety.

In fact, 70% of consumers say that touchless dispensers make them feel a restroom is more hygienic.

IoT Enabled Dispensers

IoT-enabled dispensers usually have a sleek look that enhances the appearance of your commercial restrooms. These dispensers are battery-powered and have a modern design that communicates to your guests that they’re technologically advanced.

If your janitorial team has trouble identifying when the right time to clean a restroom is or how to avoid stockouts, IoT will be beneficial in creating a routine.

With an IoT-enabled dispenser, you and your cleaning staff can seamlessly receive information about the stock levels of your commercial hand hygiene dispensers.

When your staff gets an alert about product outages and jammed dispensers, they can make sure that your restrooms are serviced before your guests see the broken or empty dispensers.

This will be able to help reduce the number of complaints that your staff receives about the state of your restroom.

Automatic Paper Towel Dispensers

Automatic dispensers help limit waste that’s strewn around the counters in your restrooms and help avoid excess paper towels hanging out of the dispenser.

It’s important that you and your janitorial staff keep your restrooms stocked with paper towels so your guests can thoroughly dry their hands.

A paper towel dispenser will help enhance the look of your commercial restroom because you can avoid having paper towels strewn across the countertops and floors.

Automatic paper towel dispensers can come with the ability to be high capacity, which will help you and your staff avoid stockouts. If you have a high-traffic restroom, you will benefit from having a paper towel dispenser that can hold larger paper towel rolls.

These dispensers come with a sensor that dispenses a determined amount of product. Instead of having folded paper towels that your guests can take, an automatic paper towel dispenser can greatly reduce the risk of excessive waste.

Matching Dispenser Styles

You can also match your commercial paper towel dispenser with the other soap and toilet paper dispensers in your restroom to create a uniform look. By using the same dispenser style, you can achieve a sleek, identical restroom image.

Dispensers that come from the same supplier can have the same branding, colors, and materials. That means that you can have a paper towel dispenser that matches the hand hygiene and toilet paper dispensers that are in your restroom.

Studies show that about 80% of building managers feel that using a coordinated set of dispensers enhances the image of their commercial restrooms.

This is especially important for facilities like high-end restaurants or Class A office buildings that want to create a single, cohesive look throughout the building.

These dispensers can come with features like touchless capabilities or automatic dispensing that will help maintain the clean look of your facility.

Odor Control Systems

When your restroom smells unclean, your guests will perceive it as being unclean despite its appearance. Odors in your commercial restrooms can lead to an increased amount of complaints and require more frequent cleaning by you and your janitorial staff.

About 90% of all restroom odors are caused by urine. The easiest way to reduce the presence of unwanted smells in your restroom is to use an odor control system.

Odor control systems are compatible with a wide variety of fragrances, allowing you to choose the best one for your commercial restroom.

In the event that you notice foul odors in your restroom, we’ve put together an article that will help you eliminate commercial restroom odors:

How to Successfully Eliminate Restroom Odors in 3 Easy Steps 

Using an odor control system will help you and your staff avoid the negative effects of a dirty-smelling restroom.

There are a few options for odor control systems for your commercial restroom, including:

  • Active Odor Control Systems
  • Passive Odor Control Systems

Whether or not you will need an active or passive system will depend on the size of your commercial restroom and the amount of traffic your restroom receives.

Active Odor Control System

An active system will deliver scent in regular intervals to control the odors that are produced in the restroom. They use batteries or other propellants to release fragrance into the air. Oxygen-Pro Restroom Fragrancing Starter Pack

Active odor systems include aerosols and sustained release fragrances that are dispensed at regular intervals.

These systems are best used in large restrooms since they aren’t powerful enough to treat all of the air in a restroom.

Using an active odor control system will help your staff reduce the amount of time they spend tending to odor complaints so they can spend more time on more thorough cleaning tasks.

For additional scent dispersal, an active odor control system can be used in conjunction with a passive odor control system.

Passive Odor Control System

A passive odor control system will be able to provide odor control using the natural air movement in your restroom.

These systems don’t require batteries or propellants, but can be used in stalls for maximum odor control.

Passive odor control systems include:

  • Urinal Screens and Blocksodor block
  • Traditional Aerosols (without a metered system)
  • Toilet Clips

Products like urinal screens and blocks in your toilets and urinals can help you and your janitorial staff avoid odors and situations that will require more frequent cleaning.

A passive odor control system can also indicate to the people in your building that you are making efforts to maintain a clean, fresh-smelling restroom.

Final Thoughts

The appearance of your commercial restroom is important to make sure that your facility appears clean and that you and you’re able to maintain a good perception for those in your building.

Keeping your guests satisfied with how your facility looks is key to avoiding negative reviews that may create a bad reputation for your business.

Integrating hand hygiene dispensers, odor control systems, and paper towel dispensers into your restroom will help make it easy for you and your staff to maintain a clean restroom.

Looking for the perfect combination of restroom-enhancing products? Imperial Dade has a wide range of restroom maintenance products for use in your facility.

If you are located in the United States, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, or Canada, contact a Specialist today for a review of your restroom program to find the best products to enhance your facility’s image.

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