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Quite often, the design of your commercial restrooms may be in need of a make-over to create an enhanced and cohesive look in your facility.

Outdated restrooms can appear unclean and increase the amount of time your guests spend in your restroom. Updating your commercial restroom once in a while can help maintain your customers’ positive experiences in your facility.

Performing a makeover to your commercial restroom will help enhance the image of your restroom and make it easier for your janitorial staff to keep the bathroom in your restaurant clean.

With the right devices and practices, you can revamp the appearance of your restroom and create a welcoming, clean environment for the people in your building.

In this article and video, we’ll cover 4 ways you can upgrade your restroom for a new and improved look.

How To Improve An Outdated Commercial Restroom

Improving an outdated bathroom doesn’t have to be an expensive venture for your business. While you may think your restroom requires extensive, costly renovations, in some cases, simply updating the fixtures and dispensers can help you achieve a great-looking restroom.

You and your cleaning staff can give your restaurant restroom a makeover with specific products and procedures that are designed to improve the way the area looks.

You can give your commercial restroom a makeover by making these 4 changes:

  1. Increase Usable Restroom Space
  2. Achieve a Sleek, Cohesive Restroom Image With Matching Dispensers
  3. Refresh Dirty, Discolored Grout Lines
  4. Provide Pleasant, Fresh Fragrances In Your Restroom

1. Increase Usable Restroom Space

Cluttered restrooms can make your guests feel like they can’t use your restroom comfortably.

Having space in your restroom will help your guests feel like they can move freely without feeling cramped.

You can increase the amount of space in your restroom by strategically placing dispensers so that they don’t create additional clutter.

For example, if you’re currently using a counter-mounted dispenser, you can switch to wall-mounted dispensing systems for your hand soap, sanitizers, and paper towels. Step 7 to clean commercial restroom - Refill Dispensers

Countertop dispensers are useful for reducing countertop cleanup, but when trying to conserve space and open up and area wall mount dispensers can avoid creating cluttered counters, maximizing the amount of space available to your guests.

Mounting your dispensers will also make it easier for your cleaning staff to clean the surfaces in your facility’s restroom.

During routine and deep cleaning procedures, your janitorial team will encounter fewer obstacles on your commercial restroom’s surfaces and can avoid needing to open any counter fixtures to complete refills or changeouts.

2. Achieve a Sleek, Cohesive Restroom Image With Matching Dispensers 

Matching the dispensers in your commercial restrooms will help you create a uniform look.

You can match your soap dispensers with your paper towel dispensers to create a cohesive appearance throughout your facility’s restrooms. For facilities, like high-end hotels and restaurants, this can be especially important for supporting a specific restroom image.

Commercial restroom dispensers are commonly made out of two types of materials: plastic and stainless steel.

Plastic Commercial Dispensers

Plastic is a popular, inexpensive option for the dispensers in your commercial restrooms.

Hand Sanitizer

These dispensers are available in various sizes and with various different options for your restroom, making them a very versatile and customizable option.

With plastic dispensers in your restaurant’s restroom, you can create a more custom, cohesive look by purchasing commercial dispensers that are branded for your restaurant.

You may be able to choose colors, logos, and sizes that match the aesthetic you’re trying to build in your facility.

Stainless Steel Commercial Dispensers

Stainless steel commercial dispensers are timeless and can fit in any restroom, no matter the current decor.

Stainless steel is also a more durable option than plastic for the dispensers in your restroom. If you have a high-traffic bathroom in your restaurant, a stainless steel dispenser has the strength to withstand multiple uses throughout the day.

An advantage of these dispensers is that they will not rust, helping you to achieve a sleek, high-class look without the risk of appearing unclean.

3. Refresh Dirty, Discolored Grout Lines

Discolored grout lines are a clear indication that the floor in your facility is dirty. When your guests encounter dark grout lines, they may form negative opinions about the cleanliness of your entire building.

Thankfully, the right cleaning products and procedures may help restore your grout to its original color and appearance. Final Results of Grout Restoration

Grout restorer can be used to clean really dirty grout with extensive build-up.

Cleaning your floor with a grout restorer should be performed regularly, depending on the amount of foot traffic and your regular cleaning schedule. If your restroom’s grouted floors usually receive a lot of build-up that isn’t cleaned with regular maintenance, you will likely have to use a grout restorer more often.

If your floors are cleaned with this chemical more often than necessary, your floors can experience permanent damage.

For a step-by-step walk-through on how to use grout restorer, read our full article:

Clean & Restore Your Facility’s Grout In 9 Easy Steps 

For daily and more regular cleaning, grout cleaner should be used to clean your restroom grout regularly.

A grout cleaner should be used when your floors have accumulated dirt from regular foot traffic, but there isn’t much buildup on the grout.

4. Provide Pleasant, Fresh Fragrances In Your Restroom

Nobody wants to walk into a smelly restroom, and that includes the people in your restaurant. A restroom that smells acts as a red flag to guests that your facility might not be clean, even when you do perform regular cleaning.

Lingering odors are often caused by urine that seeps into the grouted surfaces in your commercial restroom.

While the best way to remove urine odors is an odor digester, you can help combat odors in your restroom by installing odor control systems.

An odor control system is designed to deliver fresh scents to an area by either mechanical movement or natural air passage.Oxygen-Pro Restroom Fragrancing Starter Pack

Placing odor control systems in your restroom will help reduce the presence of odors in your restroom and provide the area with a pleasant scent.

In addition to enhancing the commercial restroom experience for your patrons, an odor control system can be used to create a cohesive, pleasant smell in your restroom by matching the scents in the different dispensers.

By placing odor control systems with matching scents in your restroom, you will be able to minimize the effect of foul odors using scents that meet the needs of your restroom.

For example, if you’ve been receiving complaints of a foul odor in your restaurant’s restroom, you can match your odor control systems with a strong fragrance that will cover the smell and leave your restroom smelling pleasant.

On the other hand, if you just want to give your restroom a boost and leave the area smelling good, you can choose a lighter fragrance.

Final Thoughts

An outdated commercial restroom can easily be fixed with innovative products and proper cleaning procedures. Making small changes in your restaurant’s restrooms can enhance and improve the experience of everyone who comes in.

They will have a better overall outlook of your entire facility and are more likely to enjoy their time in your restaurant without thoughts of an unclean kitchen.

Not only will your guests leave happier, but they will be more likely to leave positive reviews about the state of your entire restaurant.

If you’re thinking about making changes to your restaurant’s restrooms, contact a Specialist today. We’ll perform a review of your current restroom layout and help match you with the right fixtures, products, and procedures for maintaining your commercial restrooms.

Whether you’re located in the United States, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, or Canada, Imperial Dade will help you create the best experience for your guests in your commercial restrooms.

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