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HyProtection Zone Program 101: Enhance Your Cleaning & Hygiene Protocols

HyProtection Zone Program 101: Enhance Your Cleaning & Hygiene Protocols

Are your staff members trained on the most up-to-date best cleaning practices? Do you need help finding the most efficient means of cleaning your facility? Imperial Dade’s HyProtection Zone Program is designed to help you answer these questions and more. 

Developed by industry experts, this program will help facilities reimagine how they approach cleanliness. 

At its core, the program is a comprehensive analysis of your facility’s entire cleaning program; from the products and equipment used to the processes and training in place. 

Our seasoned experts will dive deep into your existing cleaning program with you, offering invaluable insights and advice.

Sound interesting? Read on to learn more about the program. 

Imperial Dade’s HyProtection Zone Program is a 4-step program that analyzes your facility’s current use of products, equipment, processes, and training.

Our specialists look for ways to enhance your cleaning and hygiene program. 

To do this, our trained Experts evaluate each area of your facility to help you understand your space’s distinct cleaning and disinfecting needs. The program also helps establish optimized processes to achieve maximum enhanced cleaning efficiency and safety practices. It helps ensure a safe environment for both your employees and guests.

 The HyProtection Zone Program is a unique commercial cleaning program that includes:

  • Free Facility Evaluation
  • Product Recommendations
  • Training

The HyProtection Zone program assesses the needs of any type of facility of any size. Some examples include:

  • K-12 Schools
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Restaurants 
  • Fitness Centers 
  • Office Buildings 
  • Retail Stores 
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Houses of Worship 

No matter what type of facility you have, the program allows our trained specialists to identify your unique needs and offer enhancements to your current commercial cleaning program. 

Thy HyProtection Zone Program has 4 steps to help you evaluate your current cleaning and disinfecting process and provide improvements.  

  1. Site Survey 
  2. Product Review
  3. Equipment Review 
  4. Training 

To kickoff the program, one of our trained specialists will perform a comprehensive review of your site. They will tour each area of your facility, from the restroom to the kitchen, to identify high touch points and areas where current practices can be improved. 

Consultants will look at things like:

  • Current Cleaning Tools
  • Current Equipment Use
  • Current Processes
  • Current Training Procedures

Once the review is complete, they will review their findings with you.

Our experts will meet with you to ensure that you and your team use the right products and processes in your commercial cleaning program.

For example, you may be using a disinfectant that is not maximally effective. Our team will make recommendations to ensure your products are green without reducing efficacy. 

If they determine areas for improvement in the review, they will discuss the best options to make those improvements. 

Staff will also review the equipment you currently use. Equipment can significantly impact staff productivity. For example, worker productivity can be increased by 230% by simply using the right vacuum. 

Having the right equipment is imperative to achieving the quickest, most efficient cleaning, and our specialists will help ensure you have the right equipment. 

Once you have the right mix of equipment and products, our team ensures you know how to use them properly.

We offer on-site or virtual training to best suit your needs. All of our trainings are tailored to meet your specific needs. The Imperial Dade Cleaning Institute offers several different training programs, including:

  • Introduction to Professional Cleaning: This course introduces participants to the reasons and importance of general cleaning and best practices.
  • General Safety in the Workplace: This is a foundational course for general safety concerns within the cleaning industry. 
  • General Cleaning: This course covers routine cleaning efforts such as trash removal, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning of common items, and hard floor care.
  • HAZCOM: Participants will receive a more thorough understanding of the Hazard Communication Standard and associated Globally Harmonized System (GHS) amendments than our General Safety in the Workplace course.
  • Restroom Care: The restroom can be challenging to clean, and this course will provide the steps and rationale for proper procedure sequencing. 
  • Carpet Care: A day-long class dedicated to carpet cleaning will teach participants all aspects of carpet care. 
  • Hard Floor Care: This course covers all aspects of hard floor care, from daily maintenance and prevention to complete stripping and refinishing. 
  • Green Cleaning: Take the mystery out of sustainability-focused cleaning with this course, which covers the history, development, and ongoing innovation of green cleaning.
  • Leadership: This course covers basic leadership topics such as Customer Service, Leadership Characteristics, People Skills, and more. 

The Hyprotection Zone Program is more than just establishing protocols and ensuring the proper tools are used. There are a variety of benefits that will come from using the HyProtection Zone Program, including:   

  • Compliance with Local Regulations
  • Improved Safety 
  • Increased Customer Confidence 
  • Enhanced Employee and Guest Wellness 
  • Increased Janitorial Staff Productivity 
  • Improved Cost Control 
  • Improved Facility Cleaning & Hand Hygiene Protocols

Regulations differ depending on your business segment and location. For example, an educational facility might be required to provide unscented hand soap, while a fitness center may be able to use any scent it chooses. 

Additionally, restaurant requirements may vary between locations, such as New York and Texas. For example, many states are banning products such as plastic bags and those that use PFAS.   

It’s important to follow all national, state, and local regulations. Our team is able to help you navigate these regulations and help ensure you comply.  

Cleaning is a critical part of running a business, but it can also be a dangerous one. This program will help train your staff on important safety concerns, including the proper PPE to use while cleaning

Workplace injuries can be very costly – from worker’s compensation claims to higher turnover rates. Knowing the correct PPE is one simple training tool our team can provide to help reduce the potential for workplace injuries. 

sign slippery wet caution

Chemical safety is another important consideration in training. For example, chemicals should never be mixed as they can create dangerous vapors. Ensuring the proper dilution ratio is also a key safety factor when working with chemicals. 

Our team can recommend the right tools to assist with all your safety needs to help maintain a safe environment for both staff and customers. We can also help establish cleaning protocols that incorporate safe cleaning practices.  

Maintaining clean facilities is an essential factor in retaining customers. For example, customers who experience dirty restrooms are likely to believe that the other parts of your facility are also unclean. They will be unlikely to return to your facility and may even leave negative reviews.  

Clean facilities can generate more business. Indeed, 60% of Americans say they are more likely to spend more at a business that maintains clean restrooms. By ensuring that your facility is properly cleaned and disinfected, you can build customer confidence in your business.  

Our team can help identify any potential problem areas as well as recommend the appropriate cleaning protocols to help you build customer confidence.  

When facilities are properly cleaned and disinfected, it prevents germs from spreading. This will help keep your staff healthy meaning less sick days and more time spent doing their jobs.  

Our team can recommend the appropriate chemicals and cleaning protocols to ensure proper disinfection.  

It’s important to ensure that staff are using their time in the most efficient ways. If your staff aren’t using the right tools or following the right protocols, they may end up needing to do a job twice to ensure proper completion.  

Our team can recommend the appropriate tools to get the job done right the first time, as well as establish cleaning protocols to increase your efficiency.  

Using the right tools and following cleaning protocols can also help you control costs. Installing a dilution control system, for example, ensures that product is not wasted by preventing under-dilution.  

Our team can help you determine where waste may exist within your current routine and recommend new products and tools to prevent waste, helping you keep your costs under control. 


Establishing and following cleaning protocols is important for safety and compliance. Additionally, they protect your guests and can be effective for cost control. This program would reviews the current protocols you have in place for: 

  • Hand Hygiene
  • Cleaning
  • Maintenance
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  • High-Touch Surface Disinfection

The program will identify gaps and areas to improve your protocols. Our specialists will find ways to optimize your protocols to help you create a cleaner facility. 

Final Thoughts 

The HyProtection Zone Program is a specially designed program to evaluate the cleaning and disinfecting needs of your facility. The program’s core features include an on-site survey conducted by an expert consultant, a thorough review of your current products, and on-site or virtual training sessions. 

It will help you establish cleaning protocols that follow your local government regulations with best practices in mind. The program will also evaluate your current product mix and educate your team.  

Contact us today for a complementary HyProtection Zone Program site survey and schedule your customized training session.  

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